Wildish Building Co. Low Bidder on Marine Drive Path: Ne 112th - Ne 185th Ave Sec in OR

Wildish Building Co. is the apparent low bidder on the Portland Bureau of Purchases's Marine Drive Path: Ne 112th - Ne 185th Ave Sec solicitation, with a low bid of $798,649.97 USD. Bids were opened on October 18, 2018

The contract will be for 230 SF temporary signs; 25 ea temporary barricades, type II; 240 ft pedestrian channelizing devices; 1 LS erosion control; 1225 ft sediment fence, unsupported; 1 LS construction survey work; 1 LS clearing and grubbing; 99 CY contaminated soil excavation; 550 CY well drained levee fill; 1903 SY subgrade geotextile; 483 SF retaining wall, prefabricated modular; 1903 SY aggregate base, 6" thick; 666 SY lawn seeding; 112 CY top soil; 60 ft CL-4R chain-link fence;see attached file for more details.

Additional bidders include:
Brown Contracting: $993,422.85 USD
Westech Construction Inc.: $995,702.75 USD
Moore Excavation Inc: $2,934,730.00 USD

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