Mitchell Sand & Gravel LLC Low Bidder on NH Roadwork - Route 12 (Intersection Safety Improvements) in NH

Mitchell Sand & Gravel LLC is the apparent low bidder on the New Hampshire Dept. of Transportation's NH Roadwork - Route 12 (Intersection Safety Improvements) solicitation, with a low bid of $772,561.00 USD. Bids were opened on October 11, 2018

The contract will be for This project involves the construction of traffic calming measures along NH Route 12. 80 LF removal of existing pipe 0-24" diameter; 1 EA removal of catch basins, drop inlets, and manholes; 1,850 CY common excavation; 1,250 CY embankment-in-place (F); 1,350 ton hot bituminous pavement, machine method, high strength; 18,000 LF pavement joint adhesive; 510 gal asphalt emulsion for tack coat; 1.570 cold planing bituminous surfaces; 770 rumble strips, 12" wide; 75 LB reinforcing steel (roadways); 96 LF 15" R.C. pipe, 2000D; 36 LF 18" R.C. pipe, 2000D; 2 LF reconstruction/adjusting catch basin & drop inlet; 1 EA frates & frames, special high capacity grate; 225 SY 6" concrete sidewalk (F); 745 LF straight granite slope curb 6" high; 10 LF curved granite slope curb 6" high; 151 SF traffic sign type B; 9 EA steel witness markers; 2,550 LF sawed bituminous pavement; 16.650 LF retro-reflective paint pave. marking, 4" line; 250 LF retro-reflective thermoplas pave. marking, 4" line; 80 LF retro-reflective thermoplas. pave. marking, 18" line; 3,310 LF silt fence; 1 U storm water pollution prevention plan.

Additional bidders include:
Bazin Brothers Trucking: $966,297.50 USD

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