Reed Contracting Service Low Bidder on Secured Gateway Sanitary Sewer in AL

Reed Contracting Service is the apparent low bidder on the Huntsville, City of's Secured Gateway Sanitary Sewer solicitation, with a low bid of $365,776.20 USD. Bids were opened on October 11, 2018

The contract will be for Work includes approx 650 LF of 8", 6'-8' depth DI sanitary sewer; 90 LF of 8", 8'-10' depth DI sanitary sewer; 860 LF of 8", 10'-12' depth DI sanitary sewer; 30 LF of 6" DIP lateral; 260 LF 10'-16' depth jack and bore installation of 20" steel casing pipe, including excavation of bore pits, dewatering bore pits, and maintenance; 260 LF of 10" DIP sanitary sewer; 40 SF temporary construction signs; 80 LF orange construction fencing; 1 AC mulching; 1 LS reseeding and fertilize; 1,700 LF silt fence type A installation. See attached files.

Additional bidders include:
Jordan Excavating, Inc.: $399,650.00 USD
Frank Black Pipe & Supply Co.: $500,220.00 USD

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