Zebron Corporation Low Bidder on Sewer Manhole Rehabilitation and Lining *AWARDED* in CA

Zebron Corporation is the apparent low bidder on the Santa Ana Purchasing Division's Sewer Manhole Rehabilitation and Lining *AWARDED* solicitation, with a low bid of $115,000.00 USD. Bids were opened on October 18, 2018

The contract will be for Work shall consist of preparing all interior concrete and brick and mortar surfaces and the base of the sewer manhole or vault for the application of the epoxy primer, polyurethane lining and all incidentals necessary. Shall furnish all labor, material, and equipment necessary for the preparation of surfaces, application of lining, safety procedures, protection of existing surfaces and equipment, and cleanup.

Additional bidders include:
Sancon Technologies, Inc.: $125,000.00 USD
Ayala Engineering: $179,800.00 USD

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