Blankenberger Brothers Inc Low Bidder on Waterworks Road Relocation *AWARDED* in IN

Blankenberger Brothers Inc is the apparent low bidder on the Evansville Water & Sewer Utility Board's Waterworks Road Relocation *AWARDED* solicitation, with a low bid of $5,362,549.92 USD. Bids were opened on September 18, 2018

The contract will be for Relocating the connection of road approx 1,350 LF southeast of the existing intersection; 1,400 LF of roadway on new a new alignment, hot mix asphalt pavement, portland cement concrete pavement, storm culverts, guardrail, traffic signal, signing and pavement markings. The new roadway embankment will be approx 10 to 12' above existing grade and will require tree clearing, removal and replacement of existing soils, wick drains and tree mitigation. Also included in the project is the replacement of an existing 48" reinforced concrete water transmission main; 1,250 LF of twin 36" HDPE. The twin 36" pipes will include hot taps (under pressure) to the existing system, casing pipe, special flexible expansion joints, valves, fittings and other miscellaneous items necessary to construct and bring the new water main online.

Additional bidders include:
MAC Construction & Excavating, Inc.: $7,561,000.00 USD
Deig Brothers Lumber & Construction Co Inc: $7,918,111.20 USD
Ragle, Inc.: $8,952,122.69 USD

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