Gilleland Smith Construction, Inc. Low Bidder on WWTP Reclaimed Water Storage and Supply System in TX

Gilleland Smith Construction, Inc. is the apparent low bidder on the Fort Bend County MUD #185's WWTP Reclaimed Water Storage and Supply System solicitation, with a low bid of $1,204,000.00 USD. Bids were opened on November 16, 2018

The contract will be for Addition to the existing prefabricated WWTP of a reclaimed water storage and supply System. Work to include required civil and mechanical disciplines for the installation of one (1) proposed 0.36 MGD prefabricated cloth disk filter with integral 2.32 GPM transfer pumps and rain shelter; one (1) proposed 26’ø x 21’ Shell Height ground storage tank; one (1) proposed 5,000 gal hydropneumatic tank; one (1) proposed booster pump station with two (2) 360 GPM and 168 TDH, proposed interconnecting piping, and proposed electrical and instrumentation control system. Work to include but not limited to clearing and grubbing, subgrade preparation for proposed equipment/tanks/booster pump station and site work, hydromulch seeding, yard piping from transfer piping between the existing clarifier and the existing chlorine contact basin to the proposed disk filter; yard piping from the proposed disk filter to the proposed ground storage tank; yard piping from the proposed ground storage tank to the proposed booster pump station; yard piping from the proposed booster pump station to offsite tie in and to proposed hydropneumatic tank; to also include coatings as applicable for all above grade piping and equipment and rain shelter, and all appurtenances, Complete In Place.

Additional bidders include:
Nunn Constructors, Inc.: $1,212,000.00 USD
Principal Plant Services LLC: $1,242,198.00 USD
T & C Construction, Inc.: $1,263,000.00 USD

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