Management Mojo: Secrets of the Mind

Learning the secrets of consciousness can change your life and your business.

The universe is filled with magical things patiently waiting for your wits to grow sharper. – Eden Phillpotts

By Tim Loncarich

Many believe that business success can be distilled down to the principals taught in business schools and that having an MBA helps ensure success. They could be right, but I think that much more is needed that is not taught in business schools.

Beyond the basic mechanics of business, business management is about effective communication and leadership. Leadership can be learned to a certain extent, but at the deeper levels it is very much about who you are as a person.

Becoming a better and more effective person can be facilitated by a deeper understanding of human consciousness and how the mind and our reality really work.

Truly understanding others requires the understanding and mastery of one’s self.

While the BRAIN has been and continues to be well-studied, the true nature of the human MIND remains a mysterious and poorly understood subject due to barriers imposed by self-appointed gatekeepers and the very limitations of the human mind.

Humans Limited by Design

Human physical perception is limited to a very narrow range. Our vision is limited to only a tiny part of the electromagnetic spectrum. We can’t see light in the infrared or ultraviolet frequencies. Most of us can’t hear sounds below the frequencies of 20 Hz or above 20,000 Hz. Our senses of smell and taste are also very limited. Consequently, the physical reality for most humans is very limited while the much broader reality that surrounds us remains invisible to our physical senses.

Because our perceptions are limited, the world we perceive is much different than that of a dog, which has a much broader range of hearing and smell. Cats can see things in the dark and sense magnetic fields that we can’t. Even a butterfly senses information that we can’t.

Technology has enabled us to expand our awareness of the greater world that surrounds us, but it is not yet able to detect everything.

The human mind does have a the capacity to sense things not detectable to the physical senses or to our technology. Latent in most people, this is commonly called the sixth sense, but it is more than just a sense that receives information.

Developing the sixth sense is one way to overcome the physical limitations of our body and brain, tap into the true potential of our mind and interact with the world around us in a more effective way. But where does one go to learn about the sixth sense without getting entangled with new-age or religious mumbo jumbo?

Maybe I can help point you in the right direction.

A Lifelong Quest

From the time I was a young child I have sought to understand the human experience and have continued to ask:

  • Who am I?
  • What am I?
  • What the hell am I doing here?

The pursuit of complete answers to these questions and the ability to fully comprehend the answers has been a lifelong quest that continues to this day.

This journey of discovery has changed me and led to my liberation from cultural dogma. It has forced me to evolve and think for myself so that I might understand the answers I have been seeking.

My journey first started around the age of four, when I was drowning and had a mostly typical near-death experience that stuck with me, opened my mind and put me on a quest to better understand the human experience and some of my strange experiences.

I subscribed to Psychology Today magazine when I was about 12 years old. It took me a couple of years to come to the conclusion that mainstream science did not really understand the human mind because it ignored or ridiculed some of the more subtle but important aspects of the human experience.

By considering only the structure and chemistry of the brain and traditional theories of psychology and excluding very real but subtle experiences such as telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, past-life memories, out-of-body experiences and near-death experiences, mainstream cognitive science has painted itself into a corner of limited understanding. By claiming that common but subtle human experiences are mere delusions, it has committed a grave disservice to humanity and hindered its own progress.

On the other side of academia are religions that treat expanded human consciousness as something evil while other religions actually encourage spirit possession to enhance the human experience.

The next stage of my development came at the age of 18, when I was struck indirectly by lightning – twice. At the time, I was working on a project for the construction of a steel natural-gas pipeline. A long section of the pipe was welded together and strung along hilltops on timbers. The pipe had been pressure tested with water, and it was my job to operate a very large air compressor that was pushing the water out of the pipe.

The air compressor was on rubber tires and connected to the pipe through a three-inch (eight-centimetre) rubber hose with metal couplings and steel wires sandwiched between layers of rubber.

The air compressor we were using was not big enough for the volume of water and the elevation of the pipe. Before back pressure could stall the air compressor, I had to close a steel valve and let the air compressor rebuild enough pressure to overcome the back pressure.

When lightning struck the steel pipe across the top of the hills, the only path it could take to reach the ground was through the hose and air compressor and me standing in a puddle of muddy water.

When first struck by the filtered lightning, I was thrown back about 10 feet (three metres). Being the dedicated employee I was and a bit stunned by what had happened, I got up and put my hand on the steel valve again and a few minutes later was struck the second time. This time, I did not get up right away but suffered no apparent physical damage other than a singed and numb hand and loss of vision for a few minutes.

Over the next few months I found myself growing increasingly sensitive and perceptive, as many other survivors of lightning strikes have experienced. I started seeing, hearing and feeling things that others didn’t. I also started to know things that I didn’t remember learning.

Years later I met Dannion Brinkley, who had actually been killed by lightning coming through a phone line he was using. He had an extensive out-of-body experience and came back to life after being pronounced dead and ready for the morgue. Dannion was profoundly changed by his experience, and his sixth sense became vastly more sensitive. After meeting him and learning of his experiences, I felt fortunate that my experience was relatively mild in comparison to his,  and felt more comfortable with my own expanded awareness and sensitivity.

Society for Scientific Exploration

The more aware I became, the more obvious it was that I wasn’t going to get the answers I wanted from the mainstream. So, in my early 20s I stepped up to real science that was not constrained and dogmatic. I started attending the annual meetings of the Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE) and reading its journal.

The SSE meetings are where some of the world’s leading scientists have presented the results of their very scientific research into topics considered taboo by mainstream academia, media and other social gatekeepers. This is how I met some of the great minds in science who sought to answer some of the same questions that I did.

Unfortunately, the SSE has since peaked in recent years as some of its greatest minds have aged and retired or passed away. Fortunately, much of their previous work is accessible on the organization’s website. The SSE is an essential resource for inquiring minds, as is the spin-off organization, the World Institute for Scientific Exploration (WISE).

Rupert Sheldrake

From Rupert Sheldrake, I learned about his hypothesis of morphic fields and morphic resonance, which helps explain how different species are connected to a kind of collective mind (morphic field) and how this connection (morphic resonance) influences behavior. It also helps to explain the more subtle aspects of consciousness.

Sheldrake’s research, and the research of many others, has clearly demonstrated that humans and animals are indeed connected telepathically, exchange information through a sixth sense and are influenced by a common information field.

Sheldrake’s earlier books are somewhat complex for nonscientific readers, but his more recent books are highly readable for anyone.

As Sheldrake is one of my personal heroes, I was honored to interview him at his home in London for a documentary I was working on. Visiting with him helped me gain a better understanding of his pioneering work.

Merely accepting that such morphic fields and morphic resonance exist enables us to better utilize them and expand our awareness and have richer, more meaningful relationships with others on deeper levels.

Dean Radin

From Dean Radin, I learned more about how this connection works in ways that most of us aren’t aware of.

For example, Radin did a study at the University of Las Vegas Consciousness Research Lab in which one group of people sat in front of computer monitors that had a photo slide show running. At another location a group of people sat relaxing while connected to whole-body mapping equipment that measured their body’s vitals and electrical energy. Some of the photos on the slide show were of the people relaxing, but they did not know that anyone would be looking at their photo. When a photo of one of the relaxing individuals was viewed in the slide show, there was a measurable physiological impact on the person in the photo.

In a study on voodoo curses, Radin found that the curse did have a measurable impact on the person cursed but the impact was greatly amplified if the victim knew about the curse and believed in curses.

What this research demonstrated is that our thoughts can indeed have an impact on others. And it helps to explain why some celebrities go a bit nuts. If one person viewing another’s photo can have a measurable physical effect on them, then what kind of impact could a million people viewing their image have?

Radin continues to conduct research at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, and his books are essential reading for a better understanding of the human experience.

Remote Viewing

From Hal Puthoff, Russell Targ and Ingo Swann, I learned about remote viewing and the research at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) in the 1970s in which they found that human intuition and telepathy could be refined and used in military (or civilian) intelligence operations.

The research was initiated in response to Russia reportedly gaining U.S. military secrets through psychic spying. The U.S. military wanted to know if it was really possible and, if so, if America could develop its own psychic spying program. It was, and they did.

To keep the actual American remote-viewing program secret, there were two: One was kept deep black and officially nonexistent, and the other was a decoy that was not allowed to be developed beyond a certain point and was ultimately sabotaged and publicly discredited. One of the viewers, David Morehouse was even allowed to write a book about the decoy program.

Today, most major military intelligence organizations use remote viewing to intuitively gather information, but none of them want the public to know about it.

I was able to attend and videotape several remote-viewing conferences and became acquainted with retired military remote viewers. From one of them, Lyn Buchanan, I learned how to do remote viewing myself and how it could be used for business.

What the remote-viewing protocol does is simply work with the limitations of the human mind by distracting the conscious mind enough that the pure information can flow through without contamination. Almost anyone can do remote viewing and gain useful information not accessible through other means.

Sony’s ESPER Lab

In the 1990s, I met the director of Sony’s ESPER (Extrasensory Perception and Excitation Research) lab, Yoichiro Sako, at an SSE annual meeting in which he presented the results of a study he had conducted with Sony employees’ children that clearly demonstrated their clairvoyance.

In the study there were different symbols written on pieces of paper that were folded into small squares and placed in the children’s outer ears. The children were then asked to draw what they thought might be on the paper, without ever actually seeing the symbols. Almost all of the children were able to accurately draw what was written on the paper in their ears.

The ESPER lab had done a lot of advanced research on the more subtle or paranormal aspects of human consciousness. Some people believed that it was this advanced research and its practical applications that helped Sony become a world leader in electronics.

After all, if one can consciously tap into the collective field of consciousness of all humanity, one can certainly be more effective than if relying solely on one’s own knowledge, experience and skills or those of a small team of people.

The lab had long been kept secret from the public and most stockholders but was known about and widely supported within Sony itself. After the lab first became public in 1995, attacks from unscientific academia and the media started. One of the most aggressive attackers was Yoshihiro Otsuki, a professor of physics at Waseda University. He claimed that by pouring money into paranormal research, “Sony might as well be denying that its products can be trusted.” Otsuki went on to describe the peer-reviewed scientific journal that had published Sako’s findings as an “occult journal” because it addressed topics that mainstream researchers were afraid to tackle.

For the record, the word “occult” is more correctly defined as “hidden, secret or beyond the range of ordinary knowledge.” It does not mean demonic, satanic or evil. Science is all about studying the hidden and unknown so some advanced science can indeed be properly defined as occult science.

The media-fueled backlash from stockholders forced Sony to publicly shut down the lab, but they went further and carried out an internal witch hunt that damaged the company and ultimately led to massive financial losses. Sony lost its mojo and went from being a world leader to a major loser and has yet to fully recover.

The Monroe Institute

From Bob Monroe’s book Journeys Out of the Body, I learned about his out-of-body experiences and his Monroe Institute, which sought to understand and develop higher states of consciousness. From the Monroe Institute, I learned more about brain-wave patterns and how one could alter the electrical activity in one’s own brain through meditation and special binaural-beat sounds.

The traditional theory is that the human brain produces electrical impulses at very low voltages within the specific range of frequencies of 0-40 Hz (impulses per second) and that different frequencies correspond to different states of consciousness:

  • Delta (0-4) – Sleep
  • Theta (4-8) – Deep relaxation, hypnagogia
  • Alpha (8-12) – Meditative
  • Beta (12-40) – Outward focus, anxiety

Brain-wave activity is measured through electroencephalography using a sensitive instrument called an electroencephalograph (EEG).

Up into the 1980s, EEGs were massive instruments that were unable to measure higher frequencies due to interference from building wiring in the 50-60 Hz range. After digital microelectronics were applied to EEGs and powered by DC power, the higher frequencies were measured and brain activity in the Gamma frequency range of 40-200 Hz started to be measured and studied.

It was discovered that people who meditated for many years, such as Buddhist monks and Hindu yogis, generated very high levels of Gamma. The faster frequencies enable more information to be processed more quickly by the brain.

I tried studying my own brain-wave activity with an EEG, but perhaps due to my intimate encounters with lightning, my own brain didn’t seem to work well with the EEGs I initially had access to. My brain produced too much electricity and maxed out the readings. I was told that I had anomalous brain waves and could have a brain tumor and should seek out a brain lab with better equipment. So I visited the Monroe Institute, which had one of the best brain labs for people like me.

While I was talking to the receptionist, the founder, Bob Monroe, happened to stop in on one of his rare visits after retiring. We got to talking, and after I told him my story, he said that he wanted to go out of his body and “check me out.” I sat in a chair while he went to an adjoining room with a bed where he had previously initiated many of the journeys out of his body. After a few minutes, I could really feel him standing behind me while his body was still in the other room. After Bob scanned me for a while, he returned to his body and told the receptionist that they should be sure and get me into the lab.

But it wasn’t meant to be. By that time, Bob no longer had any influence over his own institute. Unbeknownst to outsiders, Bob had gotten into bed with the U.S. military and they had gradually gained complete control over his institute. The Monroe Institute became the cognitive boot camp for the military’s remote-viewing program, and likely conducted secret research into other aspects of psychic phenomena.

The U.S. military intelligence agencies knew exactly who I was, from my attempts in the 1980s to expose government criminality under Reagan/Bush, and so there was no way they were going to allow me into their lab.

While I didn’t get into the brain lab of the Monroe Institute, I was grateful that I got to meet Bob Monroe and be scanned by him while he was out of his body. Sadly, a few months after my visit, Bob journeyed out of his body for the last time and went on to his next life.

Neurofeedback and Marty Wuttke

My next step in understanding my brain was to take a workshop in neurofeedback, or EEG biofeedback for the brain. I thought that the people teaching and attending the course could perhaps shed some light on my own EEG readings and that I could learn more about how to measure my own brain’s activity.

At the end of the course, the students got to use sophisticated EEG and whole-body mapping equipment for temperature, pulse, respiration, galvanic skin response and muscle activity in the shoulders, chest and abdomen. The purpose of the initial neurofeedback training session was to learn to breathe with our diaphragm muscle instead of with our chest and shoulder muscles, like most people do. The next step was to synchronize the brain waves with the rhythm of the heart and breathing.

It took me about 15 minutes to reach the target state of synchrony and the cognitive coherence that came with it. It felt really good, and my awareness suddenly expanded. With the more coherent state of consciousness, my brain went into hyper-drive and again maxed out the EEG. When I asked Adam Crane, the owner of the training company, about it, he merely said “you are having a paranormal experience” and would not talk to me further. The neurologists, psychiatrists and other cognitive health professionals who were attending the workshop also pretended I didn’t exist once I was branded as “paranormal.”

Fortunately, Marty Wuttke, one of the instructors who had been there for only a few hours at the start of the workshop, was happy to talk to me when I contacted him afterwards.

Marty was affiliated with Ridgecrest Hospital and Woodridge Psychiatric Hospital from 1984 to 1995, where he designed and directed the first large-scale inpatient neurofeedback program in the U.S. He is one of the world’s leading neurofeedback experts and pioneered the field of neuro-spirituality in which he helps people learn about Gamma frequencies and experience expanded states of consciousness that might otherwise take many years or even decades of meditation (or being struck by lightning) to achieve.

The neurofeedback that Marty does is highly effective – not just for expanding consciousness but also for alleviating a wide range of physical, mental and emotional disorders.

Neurofeedback has had an 80% success rate for treating alcohol and drug addictions, compared to 25% for the best conventional 12-step programs. It is by far the best treatment for attention deficit disorder (ADD), with zero side effects. And it can benefit a wide range of other psychological and physical ailments.

Marty offers a two-week intensive neurofeedback therapy program that can be very life changing.

Grand Valley Mind Works

After I completed the neurofeedback training, I started my own practice in Colorado called Grand Valley Mind Works. Colorado was one of the only states at the time that allowed almost anyone to practice psychotherapy without a license or degree. Given the success rates of licensed psychotherapists, I guess they thought that amateurs couldn’t do much worse.

From Marty Wuttke and my own practice, I learned that many people could recover from serious ailments and gain a new perspective by merely changing their brain-wave patterns and frequencies.

In addition to offering therapy, I also did research in hypnosis, neurofeedback and remote viewing and gained a much deeper understanding of the human mind.

I closed my practice after a year because most of my clients couldn’t afford to pay me and their health insurance didn’t cover unlicensed therapists. I had also learned what I needed from the experience and was ready to move on.

Azra Simmoneti and Executive Brain Waves

At a International Remote Viewing Conference I met one of the speakers, a woman named Azra Simmoneti, who had conducted a study of leading business executives and their brain waves using a portable battery-powered EEG called Mind Mirror. I volunteered my brain for her presentation.

During her presentation, my brain was connected to her Mind Mirror EEG and projected on a screen behind her as a live example of the Awakened Mind state she found many successful business executives to have.

I felt somewhat naked and exposed, having my brain’s activity displayed on a giant screen in front of hundreds of people, but it felt good to not be branded as paranormal and shunned and to know that something was right with my brain and not something wrong.

I further realized that there was such a huge gap between mainstream cognitive science and the real science of the mind and that human evolution was being held back because of the suppression of new discoveries related to consciousness.


One of the most prominent research facilities for telekinesis (mind-matter interactions) was the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) lab, operated under the aegis of Princeton University’s School of Engineering and Applied Science.

The lab was quietely started in 1979 by Robert G. Jahn, an aerospace scientist who was then dean of the university’s School of Engineering and Applied Science. It was established “to study the potential vulnerability of engineering devices and information-processing systems to the anomalous influence of the consciousness of their human operators.” The research was funded by gifts from Princeton alumni James S. McDonnell (patriarch of the McDonnell Douglas Aerospace empire), Laurance Rockefeller, Donald C. Webster and other philanthropic benefactors.

At the time, the U.S. military was already trying to figure out ways to integrate avionics with the brains of pilots to improve aircraft performance and response times.

For nearly 30 years the lab studied mind-matter interactions and definitively demonstrated that the human mind could and did interact with matter. One study even showed that raccoons could mentally influence a random-event generator to get food when a mother and baby worked together but two competing males could not.

The lab closed in 2007, but some of its work continues under the International Consciousness Research Lab.

Before the lab shut its door for the last time, I was invited to attend its last think tank, which was limited to a handful of like-minded people from around the world. We discussed our experiences, research and theories related to consciousness and what we hoped to accomplish in the future. It marked the end of an important era in consciousness research. 

Qigong, Quantum Touch and Biophotons

Qigong is an ancient Chinese life-force energy art and science that involves absorbing, storing and channeling Qi. In India, Qi is called “Prana.”

From Qigong Master Dr. Effie Chow, I learned about Qi energy and how it can be used to cure illness and enhance health and physical strength on an almost miraculous level.

Thousands of scientific studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of Qigong but exactly what Qi is and how it works is still uncertain.

One of my companies videotaped some of the Qigong conferences put on by Dr. Chow, and we learned firsthand how amazingly powerful Qigong is.

Unfortunately, Qigong is often partnered with traditional Chinese medicine, which is filled with superstition and is causing the extinction of many species whose body parts, such as the rhino’s horn, are incorrectly believed to have curative or therapeutic powers.

While even a beginner can benefit from Qigong, it can take a decade or more to master many of its aspects.

A more simple and highly effective energy healing technique is Quantum Touch (QT), popularized and refined by Richard Gordon.

The big difference between QT and Qigong is that with QT one brings Qi energy into one’s body and then pushes it out through the hands with one breath. With Qigong, the Qi is stored and concentrated to be released as needed.

One of the problems with Qigong is that the Qi can go bad and needs to be released before it does so.

In remote viewing there is an application called “remote influencing” that can be used for distant healing. In advanced levels of Qigong and QT, healing can be done remotely. All three methods can also be independent of time and can send healing forward or backward through time.

One explanation of how these types of energy healing may work comes from the study of biophoton emissions. Researchers have discovered that humans emit photons (subatomic light particles) from their eyes and hands and that those doing energy healing emit vastly more photons during the healing process.

Other research, conducted by Dr. Elmer Green, found that a substantial electrical field is generated during energy healing sessions and that there is a high degree of cognitive and energetic synchrony between the healer and the patient.

I suspect that the way Qigong, Quantum Touch and Remote Healing functions is that humans emit not just photons but photon pairs. Studies have shown that in a photon pair, what happens to one is instantly mirrored in the other, regardless of the distance. Einstein called this phenomenon “spooky action at a distance.” Research in the past few years has shown that it is not really that spooky but just difficult to understand from a mechanistic perspective. The more common term to describe it is “quantum entanglement,” which occurs vastly faster than the speed of light and is independent of space and time.

China recently launched a satellite that will use quantum entanglement to send encrypted data.

Quantum entanglement is an important field of study that I hope will yield a new level of understanding of the human experience.

Brain Not Needed

Studies by Professor John Lorber, a neuroanatomist at Sheffield University in England, have found that for some people, a brain is not required to have a fully functioning mind.

“There’s a young student at this university,” said Lorber, “who has an IQ of 126, has gained a first-class honors degree in mathematics and is socially completely normal. And yet the boy has virtually no brain.”

“When we did a brain scan on him,” Lorber recalls, “we saw that instead of the normal 4.5-centimeter thickness of brain tissue between the ventricles and the cortical surface, there is just a thin layer of mantle measuring a millimeter or so. His cranium is filled mainly with cerebrospinal fluid.”

Lorber has studied hundreds of cases of hydro-cephalus, in which fluid fills the brain. While most patients are severely disabled, he has found a small percentage who have normal or above-normal cognitive function with little or no discernible brain tissue in their head.

Skeptics claim that Lorber has simply misread the CAT scans and MRIs and that the individuals in question really do have a brain.

Research has shown that the same neurons that normally occur in the brain are also present in the heart and gut. In recent years, the 100 million neurons in the human digestive tract have been referred to as “the second brain” and the relationship between the mind and gut is starting to be studied more closely.

Could it be that in the rare cases of functional people with no brains the individuals are merely using the other neurons in their body as a substitute for the brain or that their mind exists primarily at a quantum level, or somehow outside of their body?

What It All Means

The more subtle aspects of the human experience are extremely important because they provide important clues to the true nature of our existence. Being aware of the true nature of our existence can help us be more effective.

We are certainly more than our physical bodies and out-of-body and near-death experiences show us that the human mind is not dependent upon the brain and can exist outside of the human body. The mind inhabits the body, and the brain acts as an interface between the mind and the body. The brain creates the experience of being in a physical body.

The idea that the mind dies when the brain dies is simply false when one studies the realities of the human experience with an open mind.

Remote viewing, remote healing and telekinesis show us that the mind has access to information independent of time, space and physical access and that we can influence or interact with that information. This means that the nature of our reality is one of information and energy – what I like to call “infergy” – because one can’t really separate information from energy. They are just different aspects of the same thing, just as a photon can be a particle or it can be a wave. It is both and can change back and forth as needed.

We are infergy beings inside a vast infergy field. We are embedded and entangled with this infergy system. We are part of it and it is part of us.

Recognizing the connectedness of our reality, many seekers come to the conclusion that “all is one.” With this realization of connectedness comes the ability to dissolve the artificial barriers between us and interact with others, who are really part of us and we part of them, in more meaningful and beneficial ways.

How to Use It

The Monroe Institute has an affirmation used by students taking its Gateway mind-expansion course, which is a good place for anyone to start:

I am more than my physical body.

Because I am more than physical matter, I can perceive that which is greater than the physical world.Therefore, I deeply desire to Expand, to Experience, to Know, to Understand, to Control, to Use such greater energies and energy systems as may be beneficial and constructive to me and to those who follow me.

Also, I deeply desire the help and cooperation, the assistance, the understanding of those individuals whose wisdom, development and experience are equal to or greater than my own.

I ask their guidance and protection from any influence or any source that might provide me with less than my stated desires.

These simple statements say a lot and are an effective first step in the expansion of consciousness. By simply recognizing that we are more than our physical bodies, we enable ourselves to be vastly more than the limited human physical experience.

Stating one’s intention to expand consciousness and asking for help from others engages beneficial connections to the infergy system.

Knowing that your thoughts and actions can have a real impact on yourself and others provides the opportunity to shift your thinking from negative to positive.

I have found that it is also immensely beneficial to simply love one’s self and all others. This creates a resonance of healing and happiness that empowers and attracts beneficial things. The frequency of love is the base frequency of life and resonating with it is immensely powerful.

As a business manager, recognizing one’s true higher nature is to be empowered. Understanding that we are indeed connected to our employees and customers and that they are connected to us creates an opportunity to deepen the relationships and make them more meaningful and beneficial for all parties.

The North America Procurement Council and its parent company, Bid Ocean, enjoy a very high degree of coherence and loyalty from customers and staff because we try to resonate caring and connectedness. All organizations can benefit from the understanding that they are not separate and that what they do has a real impact.

Customers who are genuinely valued and cared for are much more beneficial than those who are exploited for short-term gain.

The reality we find ourselves in exists primarily for the evolution of consciousness. Choosing to consciously evolve makes all the difference.

For more information about Qigong, remote viewing and the powers of the mind please visit our YouTube channel, The Superhuman Institute.

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