Management Mojo: Telepathy for Business

Even though some refuse to believe it, telepathy is a reality, and it can greatly enhance communication.

Telepathy is very real. Image: pathdoc /

Humans and many other beings really do transmit information telepathically and there are thousands of credible scientific studies that have been conducted at leading universities and published in peer-reviewed journals that prove it.

Telepathy is one form of extrasensory perception (ESP) and is associated with precognition and clairvoyance. Some people describe such perception as gut instinct, mother's instinct, a vibe or just a feeling.

One of the most common telepathy experiences is in relation to phone calls. Many people notice that sometimes when they are thinking of someone that person calls a short time later. Extensive studies of this phenomenon have been carried out by the pioneering biologist Rupert Sheldrake. One of his papers published in a peer-reviewed journal can be found at

While a part of your mind does receive telepathic information from others, it is not easy for most people to access and interpret the information. However, it is easy to send information telepathically and use it to your advantage.   

Telepathy can be used in business to enhance communication, strengthen relationships and increase influence.

The first step is to accept that telepathy is a reality and that you are telepathic on at least some level. If you don't yet hold this belief then read the evidence at:

until your beliefs catch up to reality.

Telepathy is subtle and the messages are easy to miss in the noise of the average human mind. So, the next step is to reduce the noise level, gain control over your thoughts and master your emotions. You need to be the conductor of your own mental & emotional symphony and not just be a bystander to what goes on in your mind.

Meditation is important to impose some order to the chaotic mess that is the human mind. Even spending a few minutes with your eyes closed and focused on your breathing will help.

For telepathy, it is important to also be emotionally undistracted. A simple process called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) can help release and reprogram negative emotions and empower telepathy.  

The way our reality works is that when you think of someone or something there is a connection formed on the quantum level and a certain amount of information is exchanged.

For example, when you look at someone, both parties usually get some subtle feelings. What you are thinking and feeling about the other party can influence how that  person feels about you.

One of the reasons that most people are not aware of telepathic information is that they subconsciously try to block it.

The thoughts that run through most people's minds and get projected to others is usually not conducive to a meaningful telepathic relationship so many people try to block the non-physical information from others.  

Humans are genetically programmed to gauge others by their potential as a mate and so project messages of acceptance or rejection without even thinking about it. Most women and men don't really like being judged by their appearance but usually judge others by their appearance, so they block telepathic signals from others while continuing to transmit their own.

Because most people project mostly unwanted telepathic thoughts and those thoughts are usually blocked on some level by others, projecting more meaningful thoughts is necessary to get one noticed and open the telepathic channel.

Get in the habit of listening to your own thoughts,  gain control over them, clean them up and make them more positive.

Telepathy Ethics

One can certainly influence another person telepathically in positive and negative ways. However, that influence goes both ways. You can't harm another person without being harmed on some level at some point in your existence. Also, be aware that this article contains subliminals that impose a heavy penalty for the misuse of these techniques. If you use the techniques offered herein in a negative way then expect to have your ass remotely kicked and pay a heavy price.

While these techniques are intended primarily for meaningful business relationships they can be successfully applied to personal relationships, but should not be applied to dating. Do not attempt to use these techniques to pick up others for casual relationships.

How to Communicate Telepathically

Telepathy is a skill that can be learned by almost anyone and one's proficiency improves with practice.

The following procedure is a framework to help you get started on your first conscious telepathic conversation.

1. Pause

Suspend or block your mating instinct, ego and prejudice so that you can clearly communicate non-offensive messages. 

2. Tune

Adjust your energy and emotional state so that it is likely to get a favorable response, but at this stage keep your energy level very low.  

3. Observe

You can't observe someone or something without connecting with them on some level and at this point you do not want to transmit any more than necessary and should try to avoid being noticed.

It helps to visualize yourself behind a one-way mirror so that you can observe without your observation being consciously detected and blocked.   

If you want to communicate with someone that you can directly observe then observe the person from a non-judgmental perspective, and without staring. Notice what might be important to the person. Look at what they are wearing, and how they conduct themselves. Try to find something that is positive about them that they won't be negatively sensitive about.

If you want to connect to someone remotely then learn as much as you can about them from whatever information is available and then simply tune into them and try to get a feel for what they are like.

Try to determine if the person is right-handed or left-handed and if they have any physical ailments or pains.

Mentally ask yourself what is the best way to telepathically communicate with this person and then visualize the two of you having a great telepathic conversation that achieves your goal and is good for them.

4. Care

Even if you don't particularly like someone or if they are your arch enemy, accept and care about the person on a meaningful level. Let go of any negative feelings or inappropriate feelings and just experience a genuine love and appreciation for them so that they will be more willing to converse telepathically with you.

5. Extend a Greeting

Before reaching out telepathically drop the one-way mirror.

The most effective position to communicate telepathically with someone is on their left side if they are right handed and on their right side if they are left-handed. The exception is when the person has an injury. For example, if someone's left arm is injured and they are right-handed it would be better to stand on their right side.

If you can't actually stand next to the person then project yourself mentally to their side.

Send a simple, friendly, respectful "Hello" that is culturally relevant to the person and won't be misinterpreted. The more personally culturally specific the greeting is the more effective it will be. Some relevant greetings might include: hola, hey, whats up, howz it goin, greetings Earthling, I come in peace. If uncertain what greeting to use then just use a simple "hello."

To aid in the transmission of the message you can project your mind into theirs and hear your own greeting. You can also visualize a big Hello flying to them and wrapping them in a warm hug.

Listen for a response. You may get no response or a negative response or simply feel that the person has tried to block your greeting.  Be assured that the message was received on some level.

6. Transmit a Compliment, Appreciation or Gratitude

Send a simple compliment that is realistic, relevant and gender neutral that is unlikely to be misinterpreted or taken negatively.

Most women don't usually mind compliments about their apparel or some parts of their body but some do. It may be safe to compliment a woman's shoes, sweater, eyes or hair if it appears that they are important to the woman.

Men don't usually want to be complimented about their appearance from another male, unless they are gay and if they are gay you may not want to initiate a telepathic conversation on that level.

For men, a simple expression of gratitude such as "thanks for doing a good job" or "thanks for taking the time to listen to me" can be an effective opener.

7. Listen for a Response

You may not consciously hear a response but may feel one.

Telepathic communication is often perceived by the recipient as a subtle feeling. Only rarely do words or images pop up in one's mind from a telepathic message. So, pay close attention to any subtle feelings, emotions or other perceptions.

You can boost the signal from the other person by visualizing a volume knob in your mind or a giant disembodied ear that you can move closer to them. If you can't hear a response then try turning up the volume or move your giant ear closer.

8. Acknowledge the Response

If you can perceive a response to your initial transmission then send an acknowledgment with a "thank you for your response". If their response is hostile or rude  then just let it slide and skip to the next step.

If you strongly feel that they did not respond at all then  try to transmit the message again.

9. Send the Message

The next message you send should be in relation to your goal. At this stage you want to move the telepathic contact towards the desired conversation. However, be aware that telepathic conversations are usually very basic and most human minds are not capable of sending or receiving complex or detailed information. Simply establishing rapport and communicating a good feeling is usually all that can be accomplished until one is more skilled at telepathy.

If you are trying to sell the other person on a product, service or concept then first present positive emotions about it and present it in an exciting way that resonates with the other person.

If you are in an confrontational and potential dangerous situation you can reduce the danger by transmitting calm, peace and resonance with the other person. For example, you are driving and get pulled over by a cop who is obviously stressed and aggressive and seeking confrontation. Telepathic communication can enable you to reach the cop's higher and more rational mind and subdue the situation and perhaps keep you from getting tasered, shot or arrested by not feeding the cop's conscious desire for confrontation and shifting his mind to a higher level.

I have been in numerous dangerous situations with cops and criminals in various countries and have found that peaceful telepathy can work extremely well.  In dealing with a non-cooperative or corrupt government official you can make the interaction more positive by being simply friendly, caring and respectful. I have been able to telepathically influence a number of corrupt government officials who were out to get me, including those who wanted to arrest me and leave me dead in a ditch somewhere.

It is important to realize that darkness is subservient to the light. You can switch on the light to diminish darkness but you can't switch on darkness to remove light. It is the same with people, dark emotions such as fear, anger and hatred can be displaced by love, compassion and humor.

In an adversarial situation such as a deposition with aggressive attorneys you can reduce their aggression by distracting them with humorous images of themselves and projecting confidence from yourself.

Whatever messages you send, you will get better results if you follow this entire procedure.

10. Converse

In some cases you can do more than just transmit messages and can actually carry on a meaningful telepathic conversation with someone. Many minds are intrigued by someone who is actually skilled in telepathy and they will respond with great interest.

If you can initiate a telepathic conversation remember to meet the other person's needs and pursue your own goal gently and with subtlety. Being pushy or demanding doesn't usually work.

11. End Session

Be sure that when you are done with a telepathic communication you consciously end the connection between you and the other person. You need to mentally or verbally say something like "end session" or "disconnect". It can also be useful to visualize hanging up a phone at the same time. You do not want someone to remain tapped into your mind or you to theirs when it is not useful.

12. Boosting Your Telepathic Signal

The stronger and clearer your mind is the more effective your telepathy will be. A very strong mind can actually overpower and control weaker minds.

I know a government agent who telepathically hypnotizes people and gets them to do what they want. I know another who is able to telepathically interrogate people. He just stands there quietly and people feel compelled to tell him all their secrets.

I have also encountered a female agent who could totally read my mind from 2,000 miles away and could make me falling down drunk when she had too much wine to drink, even though I had nothing to drink.

These government super psychics had all been highly trained and in some cases have implants in their brain to boost their telepathic signal.  

Meditation can speed up your mind and increase brainwave amplitude. So can sound & light brain stimulation devices. There are also devices that increase brain activity through a mild electrical current (cranial electro-stimulation). Training cardiac coherence can also help.

Keep in mind that using a cell phone will significant disrupt your brain's function, damage brain cells and open the blood-brain barrier to allow toxins into the brain. The radiation from WiFi can also negatively impact the brain and cognitive function.  

Fluoride coats the Pineal gland in the brain and disables higher mental function and intuition. Contrary to the propaganda from the dental industry and government, fluoride does not prevent cavities and poses serious health risks. It is more toxic than lead and slightly less toxic than arsenic. Dozens of studies have proven that fluoride reduces IQ. Other studies show that fluoride makes people more suggestible. Tea from the tea plant (black tea, green tea and white tea) has extremely high levels of fluoride and should be avoided. Most herbal tea is OK. If you want tea with caffeine, Yerba Mate is a good choice.

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