Real Estate Investment in Nicaragua Aims for Growth

The current progress of housing construction in Nicaragua points to an important contribution to the local economy.

It is one of the poorest countries in the world that has survived a wave of corruption, dictatorship, wars and natural disasters. In spite of the phenomena mentioned at present, there are more than 39 urban developers building houses with steel and monolithic concrete, which includes ernergy energy service, surveillance, drinking water and solid waste treatment plant.

Economic development in the countries of Central America, just as in many other countries in Latin America, is one of the greatest challenges and priorities of all time. These in turn, are linked to different systems of governments that seek from various points of view to respond to the needs of each population. It is worth mentioning that Nicaragua is one of the countries with the highest poverty rates and it is not surprising that it is the subject of this article.

Nicaragua is located in the center of Central America, with a territorial extension of 120,339.54 KM2 according to official data. And with a population of 6.15 million inhabitants approximately. The country is covered by lakes and volcanoes and located between two oceans namely the Atlantic and the Pacific. Reference has always been made to the great advantages that may arise from its geographical situation, since there are great interests of transnational companies in the construction of an interoceanic canal, similar to the canal of the neighboring country of Panama. Nicaragua is one of the main tourist destinations worldwide, in which the Momotombo volcano, the Islets of Granada, Ometepe Island and Corn Island stand out as places of interest, as well as its cultural attraction that includes indigenous peoples with many other ethnicities and languages.

Despite presenting a huge natural wealth and potential for tourism development, this country is facing urgent limitations including the political environment and a sad history of wars and natural disasters such as earthquakes that generated great losses of stability in the country's economic development.  We can say that the country faces challenges after challenge, while its inhabitants follow a forced course towards a better quality of life.

One of the priority areas in terms of human and economic development is the establishment of housing that provides the minimum conditions of comfort to the population. The viability to this type of projects is increasingly real, due to the advantages of its wide geographic space and the urgent need of its inhabitants to access a better quality of life with their own homes, generates real estate investment interests on a large scale, in that financial institutions also play a very important role in extending mortgage loans to the sector of the population that qualifies such a benefit.

To get an idea of the houses in Nicaragua, we can take a look on an average that there are deficits in quantity and quality, can see at a glance that in a small house several families are staying, in which the rooms are shared, and the buildings do not have adequate materials, they do not have access to basic services or they have space problems.

These data give even greater importance to the contribution of housing by the projects in terms of meeting the demand of middle and high income sectors, according to unofficial data, annually 4,000 homes are built with private investment.

Given the demand for housing in Nicaragua, it is worth presenting a list of developers or construction projects that have been emerging in recent years and have remained in. All located in the outskirts of the capital Managua:

1. Villas de San Sebastian

2. Vistas del Momotombo

3. Ciudad el Doral

4. Valles de Sandino. Villa Xiloa

6. Villa San Lucas 

7. Valles de Capistrano

8. Residencial Palmanova

9. Residencial La Aurora

10. Prados de San Jerónimo

11. Residencial Cortijo La Sabana

12. Condominios Nuevo Horizonte

13. Valle Santa Rosa

14. Residencial Paseo de las Colinas

15. Ermita de Esquipulas

16. Praderas del Doral

17. Residencial El Rodeo

18. Residencial Altos Sierras Doradas

19. Residencial San Andres

20. Residencial Santa Cecilia

21. Urbanización Cedro Galan

22. Residencial Mayales

23. Residencial Santa Anita

24. Condominio Planes de Veracruz

25. Bosques de Miraflores

26. Urbanización Villa Sol

27. Residencial Santa Maria de las Victorias

28. Residencial Las Delicias

29. Residencial Altos de Motastepe

30. Residencial Quinta Real

31. Residencial Bruselas

32. Residencial Altos de la Sabana

33. Urbanización Praderas de Cofradía

34. Residencial Mirador San Judas

35. Residencial Praderas de Sandino

36. Residencial Monte Cielo

37. Residencial Altos de las Brisas

38. Residencial San Miguel

39. Residencial Santa Eduvigues.

The quality of the new housing constructions can be found in the homes of the Ciudad El Doral Residencial, located in the vicinity of one of the most active volcanoes in Nicaragua called Momotombo and in seismic zones. As preventive measures against the known earthquakes, the houses are built with steel and monolithic concrete, anti-seismic that did not present any alteration with the eventualities or tremors of the last months. It includes energy service, surveillance, drinking water and solid waste treatment plant.

In this way, the real estate project leaves an evident economic development and a satisfactory contribution to the quality of life of its inhabitants.