Millionaire Construction Connects the Pacific With the Atlantic in Nicaragua

The great construction of the road Managua - Bluefields began its operations thanks to several million dollars donated by the Government of Japan.

Photo: NAPC-Trillions

Thanks to donations from Japanese government, the population of Bluefields can move by land to Managua. In the origins of the project several bridges and trails were developed to give rise to a more viable project. The entire road is built after obtaining loans with the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

The distance between Managua and Bluefields is approximately 364.7 km. Before the construction of the highway, the population mobilized using river transport from Bluefields to El Rama in speedboats, then used land transport from El Rama to reach Managua, followed the same route to return. There is also an air transport company with very high costs.

All merchandise transferred from Managua to Bluefields have additional costs due to transportation difficulties and the fact that Bluefields is an area far from the capital Managua. Similarly, the cost of transportation in this way is extremely high; with the construction of the new road are expected better conditions and more affordable costs.

This construction is one of the projects with the greatest economic impact for the population, who demand additional projects that expand operations, making Bluefields one of the largest deepwater ports in Nicaragua.