Colombia's Bogota Metro Project Reaches Important First Milestone

The Bogota Metro project made an important advance this week acquiring properties for the construction of its first phase.

Transportation System in Medellin, Colombia. Photo: Ruben J. Yanguez

Bogota Metro, a project that has been subject of study and debate for more than half a century, today has achieved a significant jump starting its first phase of development. The bankruptcy of railways gave way to a new need for a transportation system for Bogotá, and it was until the twentieth century, the president Álvaro Uribe Vélez in his period of government endorsed the initiative to build the Bogota Metro with 2 specific conditions: to continue the construction of Phase 3 of the TransMilenio system, and the Metro has to be self-sustaining. The TransMilenio is a Colombian urban transport system that began operations in the year 2000.

The tender for the design of the work was carried out in 2008. As a result, Sener- Metropolitan Transportation of Barcelona won the award of the initial designs. This company determined four possible routes of the Bogotá Metro, including Primero de Mayo Avenue, which will be one of the routes in the first stage. In total there are 3 stages of construction. The estimated cost of the work is $ 15 billion pesos (approximately $ 7,000 million). The date of delivery of the work is planned for the year 2021.

The first construction line will have a commercial length of 25.29 kilometers with 15 stations, and will affect 1,242 buildings, whose owners have already received a notice from the company of Metro de Bogotá, for the formalization of the process of acquisition of the properties involved. The owners of the properties will participate in several meetings with the company in charge to present the plans that this process entails. Likewise, it will be necessary to collect data related to the owners and their economic activities that will allow the team of specialists to determine key indicators to adapt the offers.

Panoramic view of Medellin, Colombia. Photo: Ruben J.Yanguez

The Metro Company will also be responsible for guaranteeing the people involved with advice, economic, legal, social support, etc. The resources related to the acquisition of properties and the resettlement of the affected families is under the responsibility of the same company, with funds from their budget for the current year 2018.

Bogotá has an approximate population of 8.081 million inhabitants. It is the capital of Colombia, an area that receives migrants every day from all corners of the country; it increases the demand for transportation, which is why the project gains more value.

The important advance of this project means a lot to Colombians since it means time saving and better conditions and travel options, it will be a perfect complement to transportation, it will improve the image and beauty of the capital, and better living conditions for the population.