Honduras Puerto Cortes Port Facilities Getting Major Expansion

Honduras just began a new $145 million phase of expansion and modernization of its Puerto Cortes port facilities.

Puerto Cortes - Honduras, the most competitive port in Central America. Photo: counterculturecoffee, CC.

The need for expansion and modernization of the Central American ports arises as a result of the competitiveness of foreign trade. One of the expansion projects with greater progress is Puerto Cortes, located in the Atlantic of Honduras.

The Puerto Cortes expansion and modernization project started approximately 3 years ago, during which several stages have been completed. The confirmation of the investment for a new stage occurred this week, with an outlay that exceeds 145 million dollars. The work will be delivered in December 2018.

This new millionaire investment consists in the construction of a new container depot, which will be the largest existing in a Central American port. The investment includes a new dock and the purchase of two cranes, rated as the largest of the Ports in the area. This expansion will increase boat attentions by 50 percent.

With the current dimension, the Port is experiencing a lot of inefficiency in the operational chain; with the expansion it is expected to improve the time of goods clearance and lower costs, facilitating a better operation of exports and imports. The port will also attract ships and mega-ships, generating a great economic impact for Honduras and Central America.

The project will be carried out by the concessionaire called Operadora Portuaria Centroamericana (OPC), whose president said that the work would enable international transits and move loads semi-automatically, eliminating paperwork and streamlining customs logistics. He also emphasized the benefits of saving time and money that the project would bring.

The Maritime Information Platform of Latin America (MundoMaritimo) explains that with three years of investment, the OPC has placed Puerto Cortes as the most complete port in Central America. With its modern facilities, it handles more than 80% of the import and export in the country. Its efficiency, safety and rates also contribute to making it the most competitive port in Central America.

MundoMaritimo presents a total of 25 foreign trade ports throughout Central America, from the northern border of Guatemala to the border line that divides Panama and Colombia. Of the total of ports 11 is located on the Pacific coast and 14 in the Caribbean; even so, Puerto Cortés serves other Central American countries. For example, of all the loads that move through the Port, 7 percent is from Nicaragua, three percent from El Salvador, one percent from Guatemala and the rest belongs to Honduras.

The United States appears among the main trading partners of Puerto Cortes, with 66 percent of exports, the rest of loads are destined for European countries.

The economic impact of this investment represents a great advance for Honduras and the Central American partner countries.