Honduras to Invest $ 200 Million in Highway that Leads to Nicaragua

The Honduran government will invest 200 million dollars to build a highway that leads to the south of the country, bordering Nicaragua.

Highway of Honduras. Photo: Gerardo Diego Ontiveros, CC.

The Honduran government through the Secretary of Infrastructure and Public Services (INSEP) reported that they will build a 130-kilometer highway with external funds that reach 200 million dollars. The construction will be of hydraulic concrete whose study has been developing for a year and a half.

The project will be financed by the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (BCIE). The Ministry of Finance is currently coordinating with the bank to get the funds available and begin construction. This project will allow better access to the departments of Francisco Morazán; and El Paraíso that borders Nicaragua. The project is expected to positively impact the tourism sector, trade and agricultural production in the area, among other benefits.

The development of this project is the continuation of another one that is already underway, with an investment of 210 million dollars. It includes the reconstruction of the southern highway that links the capital city Tegucigalpa with Choluteca, and El Amatillo, border with El Salvador.

The current situation of the roads of Honduras is a priority for the government since experts have indicated that the roads require a complete reconstruction.

In the American Road Quality Ranking 2017-2018 prepared by the World Economic Forum, it indicates that in Central America the country that stands out with the best roads is Nicaragua. The key is not that a large number of roadways have been built, but rather the efficiency in road maintenance.

Nicaragua invests in road maintenance at a rate of 40 million dollars per year on an ongoing basis, sponsored by the Road Maintenance Fund (FOMAV). Honduras is developing studies for new construction and has other repair and maintenance projects currently underway.