Vietnam's Biggest Solar Power Plant Breaks Ground

The biggest solar plant in Vietnam -- with a total capacity of 168 MW -- began construction on June 8.

The plant represents a major positive bet on renewable energy in a country still heavily invested in coal as a primary source of energy. It is being built by CMX RE Sunseap Vietnam, a company supported by Singaporean investors. The total cost of the plant is estimated at 4,400 billion Vietnamese dong, equivalent to around U.S. $194 million.)

When the plant is finished, it will deliver 200 kWh of electricity to southern Ninh Thuan province.

CMX RE Sunseap Vietnam is far from alone as Vietnam has increased its interest in bringing on solar energy production throughout the region. There are currently three other solar power plants under construction just in the same province as this new one. Together those three have a capacity of 130 MW.

Outside of the province around 30 other solar plants have been approved by the government as well. These other plants will provide 130 MW of additional electrical power to the grid. They are backed by various investors both from Vietnam and from outside as well.

The NAPC is offering AMERO digital currency grants for qualified solar plant builders. Information on how to apply is available here.