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Autonomous Vehicles: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

The American Bar Association will be hosting a webinar on autonomous vehicles October 2.

Self-driving cars, trucks, buses and trains are here and going to spread rapidly in coming years.

The presentation will offer an overview of the technology associated with varying levels of autonomous vehicles, as well as emerging legal implications.

Is it true that we are really entering the age of the George Jetson commute to work? Hear the good, the bad, and the ugly about autonomous vehicles with this exciting, insightful webinar.

A panel of attorneys, scientists, and in-house counsel will discuss hot topics such as the current state of the law across the country, regulatory issues, expert witnesses, and other litigation challenges that continue to develop as we blaze this seemingly unfathomable new frontier in technology.

Specific topics of discussion will include:

  • Identify what an "autonomous vehicle" is and what the term means
  • Discuss the state of the law regarding autonomous vehicles from a generalized perspective as the evolution of the impact of these vehicles continues to grow
  • Discuss applying your new understanding of "autonomous vehicles" and the current state of the law to future legal issues, and implications for litigation sure to appear in your courtroom in the not-so-distant future

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