Norway EV Sales Reach Record Highs for September

Norway’s electric vehicle sales accounted for almost half of all new vehicle purchases in September, a new high.

The Tesla Model X. This was the biggest-selling car EV car model in Norway in September. Photo: Michael Curi, CC

The latest auto sales figures released from Norway showed new electric vehicle car purchases at 45.3% of all car sales last month.

Norway also actively encourages importing of ‘almost new’ electric vehicles into the country as well. If imports of those kinds of vehicles were counted into the totals, the number of new EVs in Norway in September was 47.7%.

This is about far more than just a shift to electric vehicles from those powered by diesel, the preferred purchase type in this northern European country for a long time. This is also about cutting total CO2 auto emissions in the country. With the trend to buying more EVs in Norway on a steady climb this year, and including the emissions reductions caused just by the September purchases, Norway weighed in at only 55 grams of CO2 per kilo of emissions output for the month. That compares to 71 grams in September 2017.

The number also happens to be already less than the just recommended EU target of 57 grams of CO2 emissions allowed on average for European automakers by 2030.

As for the mix of cars sold in Norway in September, an estimated 4,810 of the 10,000 cars sold that month were electric vehicles. Of the 4,810 EVs, 1,234 were Tesla Model X, Nissan’s LEAF sold 1,071, Tesla sold 782 of its Model S, 458 BMW i3 sedans were purchased, along with 29 Hyundai Ioniqs and 123 of Renault’s Zoe EV brand.