Tanzania Opens Tender for New Wind Power Projects

The Tanzania Electric Supply Company Ltd., also known as TANESCO, is opening a tender for a total wind generation capacity of 200 MW for the country.

The new tenders will support projects planned will be targeted for the Singida, Njombe and Dodoma regions.

Although detailed specifications will come with the specific bid descriptions, the projects should be designed with a capacity of between with 50 MW and 100 MW total output power.

The tender opportunity is open to developers who are both new to wind projects in Tanzania as well as those who have bid on past tenders for the country.

The tendering process will be carried out consistent with the International Competitive tendering procedures specified in Regulation 119 of the Public Procurement (Regulations – Government Notice 446 of 2013). It is open to all applicants as defined in the regulations.

Tendering applications on this particular bid close on October 19, 2018.  

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