SEC Opens Its FINHUB Portal for Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and AI

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission just opened a new portal to connect with companies having questions regarding all sorts of FinTech issues.

The new portal, FinHub, has the tag line “Strategic Hub for Innovation and Financial Technology” and  a hashtag #finhubSEC. It went “open for business” as of October 18.

For now, the site is fairly barren. It includes only the statement that “We welcome requests for meetings and other assistance relating to FinTech issues arising under the federal securities laws," plus a few other short paragraphs and a form to fill out.

The form provides for discussion of topics such as:

  • Digital Assets (which include cryptocurrencies and items managed via blockchain technology, according to SEC spokespeople)
  • Advisory Services Related to Digital Assets
  • Automated Investment Tools/Robo-Advisers
  • Digital Asset Trading Platforms
  • Digital Marketplace Funding
  • Funding Portals
  • Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence
  • Pooled Investment Vehicle/Fund Related to Digital Assets

Though it is not explicitly part of the list of items, the SEC is also interested in those open to discussing distributed ledger technology (DLT).

The idea of the new portal is to help make it easier to develop compliant blockchain and digital asset platforms before they “go live”.

The FinHUb will be headed up by Vaerie A. Szczepanik, senior advisor for digital assets and innovation, and associate director in the SEC’s Division of Corporation Finance.

The SEC also packaged up something they considered fun to help increase engagement with the site. They’ve included an “Easter Egg” embedded in even this simple site.