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Veteran American Foreign Policy Critic William Blum Needs Your Help Now

William Blum, one of the most recognized and respected critics of United States foreign policy for over 50 years – and creator/blogger of the Anti-Empire Report at https://williamblum.org/, recently suffered a serious fall on top of illness related to kidney failure.

Photo: William Blum

Mr. Blum gave up what could have been a lucrative career as a Foreign Service Officer with the U.S. Government to become one of its most learned, literate, and articulate critics in the area of Foreign Policy. He has been in ill-health for the last several years, concluding with the failure of his kidneys and the need for daily dialysis.

Around two weeks ago, the 85-year old career activist suffered a serious fall in his Washington, D.C. area apartment. He was sufficiently badly injured that he had remained where he had fallen for a full two days after the fall. He is in serious need of medical help and unfortunately does not have much of an insurance plan to fall back on.

After his fall, a friend found him and had him rushed to the hospital. He was initially pronounced in critical condition but has since recovered enough so he has been moved to the Intensive Care Unit.

His family recently sent an email to readers of Mr. Blum’s https://williamblum.org/ website describing what happened, saying that Blum had been in the hospital for over weeks, and that there was not yet a schedule as to when he would be coming out. The email said he “is still confused, extremely weak, and can’t move his right arm,” with the clear need for long-term care once he is released.

For those wishing to donate to help out with his medical expenses, the family has set up a Donation Link.

Trillions interviewed Mr. Blum in June 2016 for an article entitled “Trillions Visits With Truth-Teller William Blum” published in July 5, 2016. In it, he warned about the need to act about climate change, about the “insanely backward” nature of Congress, and the many issues coming up in then still-to-happen 2016 Presidential election.

Mr. Blum’s over half-century history of fiercely-independent thought and illuminating some of the darker corners of American government has changed the world for the better. His voice is needed now perhaps more than ever.

Please donate for Mr. Blum’s medical care if you can, and please share this article with others you know who could also help.