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Corrupted Georgetown University Accepts $20M from Saudi Royal Family

One of Washington, D.C.’s most prominent training grounds for diplomats and influence peddling just received $20 million from a Saudi prince, to further the spread of Islam and Saudi power into the core of America.

Georgetown University. Photo: Daniel Littlewood, CC

Civilization jihad just got a boost with money provided by Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal to be used to found Georgetown University’s new Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding (CMCU). It is the second-largest gift (bribe) ever provided to the greedy and naive catholic university.

The CMCU is the home of what is referred to as the Bridge Initiative. According to its website, the Bridge Initiative is a research project which is attempting to deal with the challenge of the growing awareness of the threats posed by Islam and the rabidly militant version of Islam promoted by Saudi Arabia. They call this awareness and resistance to Islamification Islamophobia. It speaks of Islamophobia as resulting “from fear and ignorance, political and economic interests, and intentional campaigns to spread misinformation and fear about Muslims and their faith”.

The Bridge Initiative is active in exploring the nature of Islamophobia in considerable detail. Recent papers published on the site include, “The Islamophobia Network Behind the EU’s Prophet Slur Case”, “The Synergy of Bigotry in Europe”, and “Mainstreaming Islamophobic Movements in International Institutions”.

Locating the CMCU within Georgetown University, and focusing on things like the Bridge Initiative as a primary “research” project appears strategically-timed by the Saudi royal family. With the Trump administration doing its best to suggest that some Muslims are behind many of the international problems facing the world, the Saudi investment may be focused on helping influence graduates-to-be to have a different perspective on that matter. Whatever one wants to call it, the CMCU will likely also have as a major objective to influence how others think about the Saudi Wahhabi “brand” of Islam, which is a vicious kind that is present around the world – and which the Saudis are currently working to promote in many ways. Many other Muslims consider Wahhabism to be satanic.

Saudi Wahhabism promotes extreme violence and cruelty and zero tolerance for less rabid forms of Islamic belief, as can be seen clearly in the actions of Saudi-backed Isis and Shabab terrorists and its genocidal war on the people of Yemen. Wahhabism is indeed a great evil that is spreading steadily around the world with billions of dollars in annual funding from the Saudi rulers. It poses a massively greater threat to liberal democracies than communism ever did.   

The money also appears to be important in muzzling Georgetown University as a place for independent thought regarding the Saudis. After the Jesuit Catholic University received $6 million in separate gifts since 2014 from Suad Juffali, the widow of the late Sheikh Ahmed Juffali (described as “an extremely important business tycoon” in Saudi Arabia, according to Georgetown’s website), critical discussion about the Saudis at Georgetown seemed to have ceased. Part of that could have also been because Suad Juffali was honored for her gift by being put on the advisory board of Georgetown’s Walsh School of Foreign Service’s Center for Contemporary Arab Studies.

The Saudis selected well when they picked Georgetown as a place for their center. Besides being regarded as one of the stronger government-feeder schools in the country, it is also the home of the Walsh School of Foreign Service. That school is explicitly set up to educate students in entering the diplomatic service. In the Walsh School, according to Georgetown’s website, it says that “you can study with former Secretaries of State” and get connected to “diplomats from just about every country, and of course, the seat of the U.S. government. Our location gives SFS the extraordinary opportunity for us to engage (and sometimes even influence) the debates that can lead to real action.”

Other foreign countries also know the same advantage of investing – under the guise of “donations” – at Georgetown. According to the Department of Education, just in the period from 2011 to 2016, Qatar has given a staggering $332,818,297 to the university to buy influence and ensure the spread of Islam. England comes in second at $11 million, France at $8.4 million, China at $8 million, followed by Saudi Arabia with the $6 million noted before, putting it in fifth place. Other major foreign donors include Hong Kong, Japan, Greece, the Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, Spain, South Korea, Brazil, Kuwait, Germany, and Singapore.

Jesuit greed appears to have no limits. Not only do they solicit immense amounts of donations to expand their already massive endowment they also charge the average student $72,816 a year to attend. So much for catholic charity.

With all the Saudi money backing CMCU, it is no wonder that it pushes an agenda to reframe awareness of the Muslim threat as ‘Islamophobia’ as ‘anti-Muslim racism'. It clearly hopes by its latest investment to influence both future world diplomats and those beyond the school to accept Islam – and the vile Wahhabism version of it that Saud Arabia practices – as something to embrace rather than stand up against.