Trump Orders the Destruction of Essential Public Records

Trump's war on wildlife and the environment has taken an alarming turn as he orders the destruction of files related to endangered species and the many crimes of the corrupt Department of Interior.

In a move reminiscent of NAZI book burning and the destruction of public records by Soviet Russia and the Islamic State and other Muslim groups, Trump's minion of madness in control of the Department of Interior,  Ryan Zinke, has proposed the destruction of a wide range of documents related to the agency's handling of wildlife and environmental issues. 

“Zinke’s effort to destroy these key documents serves political interests and industrial polluters at the expense of wildlife and the environment,” said Meg Townsend, attorney for the Center for Biological Diversity. “The Trump administration wants to bury science and hide how mining, drilling and logging on public lands devastate our precious natural spaces.”

In September the Interior Department asked the National Archives to authorize a schedule allowing for records destruction. It applies to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Bureau of Land Management, and other Interior agencies.

If approved, the plan would shred technical and scientific records on land-use planning, data from water-quality monitoring, and documents used in the development and implementation of recovery plans to restore endangered native species. These are extremely important documents that belong to the people of the United States and destroying them would be a gross violation of the public trust. Such documents could are essential to holding the government accountable and conducting scientific reviews of its deeply flawed public-lands and endangered-species decisions made on behalf of the industries who profit from looting and destroying public land.