A House hearing with Google CEO Sundar Pichai yesterday proved an artful dodge of deeper questions the company should have been answering.
King Salman Energy Park (SPARK), located in Saudi Arabia's Eastern Province, a 50-square-kilometer energy city megaproject broke ground on December 11.
During the regular meeting of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) on December 5, members reached a tentative agreement to cut oil production as a means of stabilizing prices.
Germany announced on November 29 that Amazon is under investigation for “abuse” in its regional drive for e-commerce market share.
The province of Alberta is considering buying two trains worth of oil-carrying capacity, as a temporary solution to get its oil to market despite continued pipeline construction delays.
Infineon Technologies AG, a German advanced microelectronics company, and NSRCEL at Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Bangalore are partnering to help with the early growth stages of Artificial Intelligence start-ups.
Even as the U.S. Senate readies a vote to halt U.S. military support for the Saudi coalition in Yemen’s civil war, Lockheed-Martin just received word the Saudi government is buying Lockheed-Martin’s $15 billion missile defense system.
After a year and a half as member of Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, Canada has nothing to show for its $256M investment there.
Thanks to the March 2018 signing of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement AfCTA in Kigali, Rwanda, Africa will soon become home to the largest free trade area in the world.
As Texas’ Permian basin reaches full oil production levels, the U.S. is about to become a net oil exporter for the first time in almost three-quarters of a century.
The U.S. Trade and Development Agency is calling for initial proposals for gas sector-related projects from project sponsors or U.S. companies working with project sponsors in emerging markets.
As if the current turmoil over its tentative Brexit deal with the EU were not enough of a headache, the United Kingdom was just told the way it helps fossil fuel power providers prepare for winter is a form of illegal state aid.
According to consulting group PwC's just-released annual Africa Oil & Gas Review, the outlook for the continent's oil and gas industry is favorable over the near term. The reason is the industry has been aggressively cost-cutting as price pressures grew tighter.
In a major boost for Shanghai investors, on November 5 President Xi of China announced plans to expand the region’s free-trade zone and create a startup-focused new financial market.
Norway’s electric vehicle sales accounted for almost half of all new vehicle purchases in September, a new high.
A California Federal Judge has authorized a class action case accusing Chipotle Mexican Grill of advertising fraud to go forward.
The World Trade Organization's latest forecast projects trade expansion slowing significantly in 2019.
Amazon's U.S. Prime members in Ann Arbor, Detroit, Jacksonville, Madison, Milwaukee, Omaha, Orlando, St. Louis, Tampa and Tulsa can get delivery in as little as an hour from Whole Foods Market while grocery pickup has expanded to include include Ft. Worth, Kennesaw and Richmond.
As talks regarding the UK’s exit from the European Union continue to break down, British export orders have fallen to their lowest since October 2017.
Hurricane Florence is expected to dump up to 3 feet of rain and have a storm surge up to 13 feet. FEMA has mobilized and is likely to issue solicitations for a number of goods and services with very short lead times.
Since Trump took over the White House, small business creation by African American entrepreneurs went up by 400% year-to-year.
American farmers are finding themselves stuck in the same crushing financial trap that Indian farmers were just a few years ago, and they too are turning to suicide to solve their problems.