Concentration in the housing industry is resulting in less construction, fewer choices for buyers, and serious overall damage to the U.S. economy, according to a new study by researchers at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School.
Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan announced December 6 that his government will soon be issuing a tender for the construction of the 45-kilometer new shipping channel to be built parallel to the Bosphorus Strait.
As climate-change induced drought threatens the ecological and economic viability of the state, the U.S. Department of Agriculture just authorized over $449 million to increase flow and reliability of water within California.
The Democratic Republic of Congo and the Republic of Congo have signed a major agreement for the development and financing of the first road-rail bridge projects connecting the two country's capitals of Kinshasa and Brazzaville.
The $10.4 billion budget passed earlier this year in Arizona will reduce corruption in school construction procurement.
The Code for Smart Communities was just released jointly by the Smart Cities Council and Green Building Council of Australia, as a new set of standards to guarantee smart cities are built to be sustainable and properly support multiple modern needs for citizens.
The Commerce Department’s July reports showed a slight increase in construction across the nation for the month of July.
Russia is the world's largest country but most of its territory is in the far north and with a population of only 144 million it has plenty of room for development, and developing it is.
China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC) and China Communications Construction Co. Ltd. (CCCC) were just awarded a contract – as a team -- to build a fourth bridge over the Panama Canal.
The biggest solar plant in Vietnam -- with a total capacity of 168 MW -- began construction on June 8.
Elon Musk, the man who brought you Tesla, SpaceX and the high-speed Hyperloop mass transit system has another idea. He wants to send a major part of Los Angeles’ traffic problem underground.
In what seems a miracle, the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California has agreed to pay for most of the estimated $16.7 original cost of a major north-south water tunneling project in the state. Up until now it looked like Central California’s farmers would be stuck with the bill.
Providing low-cost renewable energy is not the only thing coming from three companies who are competing to build wind farms off Martha’s Vineyard. By partnering regionally in a big way, they are also bringing new local investments and the prospect of many jobs created.
The Honduran government will invest 200 million dollars to build a highway that leads to the south of the country, bordering Nicaragua.
Honduras inició una nueva fase de ampliación y modernización de las instalaciones del Puerto Cortés con la suma de 145 millones de dólares.
El proyecto Metro de Bogotá dio un importante avance esta semana adquiriendo propiedades para la construcción de su primera fase.
Honduras just began a new $145 million phase of expansion and modernization of its Puerto Cortes port facilities.
The Bogota Metro project made an important advance this week acquiring properties for the construction of its first phase.
Nicaragua's $50 billion ocean-to-ocean canal project shows a broken future, but the corresponding authorities continue to receive large sums of money from the national treasury funds for alleged canal operations.
Missouri is the only state to block the construction of a new power transmission line to bring cheap green power from wind-swept Kansas to where it is needed.
The state of California, in desperation to deal with increasingly-shrinking water supplies, has finally given a go for a reduced version of its plans to build tunnels under the West Coast’s largest estuary.
On February 8, news broke that state-owned PetroVietnam was going to proceed with its Long Phu 1 coal-fired power plant construction without U.S. support. The decision is part of a larger story with bigger implications than it might seem.