On February 8, news broke that state-owned PetroVietnam was going to proceed with its Long Phu 1 coal-fired power plant construction without U.S. support. The decision is part of a larger story with bigger implications than it might seem.
The great construction of the road Managua - Bluefields began its operations thanks to several million dollars donated by the Government of Japan.
The current progress of housing construction in Nicaragua points to an important contribution to the local economy.
The master plan to diversify Mongolia’s economy using tourism and a glittering new airport has been delayed.
Oneok recently announced plans to build a $1.4 billion pipeline to carry natural gas liquids from Montana to Kansas.
Italy is strengthening its own economy with a development loan to Iran for joint projects.
On December 26, Bahamas-based BML Properties filed suit against China Construction America in New York Country Supreme Court. The grounds: China Construction America lied again and again about being “on time and on budget” for a resort they and BML Properties were building together, and drove BML Properties into bankruptcy.
California is strengthening its energy system and fighting poverty at the same time.
Science, politics and perhaps a little business may have dealt the final death blows to Nicaragua’s long-delayed and very expensive alternative to the Panama Canal.
In a move that reeks of desperation – as the President is finally realizing that even his own party is abandoning him on key policy matters – on August 16, Trump announced sweeping changes to process and policy that he claims will accelerate infrastructure projects across the United States.
Remember all those campaign promises Trump made about increasing investment infrastructure and creat¬ing jobs in the process? He lied, just as he was lying about so many other things.
The $3.8 billion Dakota Access Pipeline, which will transport 450,000 barrels of oil a day in a pipeline stretching from North Dakota to Illinois, is currently on temporary hold by the U.S. Government due to substantial opposition and despite a court ruling against protesters on September 9.
If you are the owner or operator of a pickup truck, van or SUV and haven’t heard about CargoGlide, it is time you did.
The South Cascade and Miller Road Bridge has been scheduled for replacement.