The Trump administration handed out a virtual death sentence to 13 rare and imperiled species on December 18, as it denied protection under the Endangered Species Act to the Florida sandhill crane, the Cedar Key mole skink, the San Joaquin Valley giant flower-loving fly, and 10 other species.
The follow-up conference to the original Paris Climate Accords meetings in 2015 concluded with mostly empty promises and little sense of urgency.
A new agreement was just reached between the British Columbia government and three First Nations to eliminate 17 fish farms as part of a plan to protect and support wild salmon stocks.
The butterfly sanctuary with the most extensive range of butterfly species in the U.S. is soon to be destroyed to make room for Trump’s border wall, as early as February 2019.
With construction about to start on a new U.S. military base in Okinawa, Japan's Henoko Bay, a coalition of U.S. environmental groups are preparing to sue to protect the endangered Okinawa dugong which could be destroyed by the project.
A lease extension just granted by the South Florida Water Management District Board (SFWB) to a subsidiary of Florida Crystals will push back an important Everglades restoration project – for up to eight years.
Following a motion from the London City Assembly, on December 11 London’s Mayor declared a Climate Emergency and pledged an aggressive plan to reach carbon neutrality by 2030.
After a public plea by the UN Secretary General at the COP24 climate change talks in Poland on December 12, the European Union and a group of developing countries signed on to do something far more serious about reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
Republicans are taking aim at native Tule Elk in a Senate subcommittee hearing on December 12, which will decide whether to approve legislation to allow them to be shot or removed from their only home, Point Reyes National Seashore in California, so that more cows can be fattened on public land.
The "Desert to Power Initiative", an ambitious plan to eliminate energy poverty in Africa and provide 10 GW of solar energy by 2025 and support 250 million people with green electricity, was just unveiled at the Paris Agreement climate change talks at COP24.
A new report shows how the Trump administration and the U.S. Congress worked together to de-regulate the insane practice of mountaintop coal mining while simultaneously canceling an inexpensive health study which would have proven how deadly the practice is.
On December 6, a coalition of environmental groups sued the Trump administration for its failure under the Endangered Species Act to protect Africa's rapidly diminishing giraffe herds.
The acting administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, a former coal lobbyist, is proposing a 35.7% increase in the allowable carbon dioxide emissions for new coal plants.
According to a just-published study, the ice mass known as the number one source of global sea level rise is melting faster “than any time during the last three and a half centuries”.
In research just unveiled at the UN COP24 Climate conference in Poland, carbon dioxide emissions are on track this year for the fastest rise in history and to a record new level.
Trump plans to end tax credits for electric vehicle purchases and utilities installing both wind and solar equipment but continue subsidies for the fossil fuel industry.
Environment and Climate Change Canada has launched the Target 1 Challenge, a part of Canada's Nature Fund, which will provide up to $175 million for projects that assist the govt. in reaching its biodiversity target 1 of protecting 17 per cent of land and inland water by 2020.
In a chilling opening keynote address to the nations attending this year’s UN Climate Summit in Poland, David Attenborough demanded urgent action now, because the “Collapse of our civilizations and extinction of much of the natural world is on the horizon.”
Over 1.5 billion single-use plastic bags have been kept out of trash, landfills, ocean coasts and waterways in Australia in only three months.
With the Government of Ontario warming faster than the global average, the Pembina Institute challenged the Government of Ontario's just released climate plan as grossly inadequate.
In a two-for-one opportunity to do damage to living things and the environment along the Atlantic Coast, the Trump administration just approved five permits to allow seismic air gun blasts as a first step towards opening the Atlantic to new oil drilling – while also putting endangered marine mammals such as right whales at risk of death.
Buses Vule and STP Santiago have signed contracts with Zhengzhou Yutong Bus Company of China to deliver 100 full electric buses for use with the Santiago public transportation system.