As construction and rollout of potentially highly-dangerous 5G telecommunications networks roll out across the United States, a Connecticut State Senator and California Representative have issued a demand to the Federal Communications Commission to prove that 5G technology is safe.
Portland, Oregon based Medical Teams International, one of the major health organizations responsible for screenings at Uganda's border crossings, is bracing for how to handle the expected move of Ebola entering the country from the Democratic Republic of Congo within a few weeks.
According to multiple sources, China will soon be introducing extremely low maximum residue limits (MRLs) for glyphosate on many imported raw food materials and all final food products, but it will likely remain the world's largest exporter of the highly toxic chemical.
Talc, a mineral used in many consumer products and linked to causes of cancer, is soon to be regulated and its use restricted in Canada, after a recent review by both Health Canada and Environment and Climate Change Canada.
A new study published in Lancet Planetary Health says 1.24 million people died last year in India because of the increasingly toxic air pollution.
Even as health experts warn about the potentially catastrophic risk of overuse of antibiotics in everything from livestock production to plastics in toys, the Trump administration just approved the medically important antibiotic oxytetracycline for use on citrus fruits.
A new research study shows how polar bears, an animal at the top of the Arctic food chain, have become a victim of 'biomagnification' of pollutants ingested by fish and other marine species all the way up that food chain.
In one of more the more upsetting health studies recently, researchers discovered that virtually all touchscreens in multiple McDonald’s locations at two cities in the UK were covered in fecal bacteria.
The government of Tanzania has ordered an immediate halt to all ongoing Genetically-Modified Crop (GMO) trials in the country, including notably the toxic Bt MON 810 supposedly drought-tolerant and insect-resistant GM Maize crop from Monsanto.
A new U.S. government report comes on strong against China for taking too long to do something about the illegal production and shipment of fentanyl and other synthetic opioids into North America.
Two doctors in Ontario, Canada, are being sued for $500 million for malpractice in not having properly treated a man's Lyme disease.
In light of the recent court ruling against Monsanto and pressure from the public, Health Canada claims that it will review the studies it relied on to approve the use of Roundup. The chances for an honest review are slim.
The developer of Simplot Plant Sciences’ genetically engineered Innate potato says the food his team created is hazardous to your health.
The corrupt U.S. Environmental Protection Agency was put on notice on October 15 by a collection of conservation and public-health groups of an "intent to sue", because it is allowing coal-driven sulfur dioxide air pollution.
Researchers from Duke University just announced they will soon begin testing a new treatment for malaria, a disease which only two years ago killed almost 500,000 people.
A variant of the deadly MRSA bacteria has rapidly evolved into what is potentially one of the most dangerous superbugs on the planet.
A tropical disease which affects between 18 to 120 million people around the world may for the first time be detectable without expensive and invasive medical testing.
Urban children who came to a remote Venezuelan jungle village for 16 days came out a lot healthier than they went in.
Rising temperatures in Europe are bringing with them sharp increases in insect-borne illnesses which used to be common only in places further south.
A major drug provided for years to stimulate muscle growth in cattle was just blocked for further use for a second time in 2018.
A new study says every bowl of oatmeal you eat made from commercial oats is likely infused with several times the safe limit of glyphosate.
In a major reversal for the EPA’s reckless pesticide policies, the Trump Administration was just ordered to ban the use of the pesticide chlorpyrifos within 60 days.