Six Israelis have been arrested by Colombian police for running a Jewish child sex abuse operation.
The European Council just voted to extend sanctions filed against the Democratic Republic of the Congo for obstruction of the electoral process and human rights violations -- for one more year.
Valdivia, Chile’s support of the Boycott, Divest and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel was just overturned after threats by Israel.
A U.S. District Court in Texas has blocked the state of Texas attempts to remove protections for Native American children as guaranteed under the Indian Child Welfare Act.
A just-filed federal lawsuit claims a U.S. citizen working in Florida was illegaly thrown in jail for three weeks by sheriff’s deputies prosecuting an erroneous deportation order from the Immigration and Customs Service (ICE).
A panel of Ninth Circuit court judges ruled on November 29 that the U.S. government – not the individual they are charging – has the burden of proving an individual’s citizenship status.
Indonesians are being armed with a new app to report those who aren't sufficiently Islamic.
Israel's track record of crimes against children goes back to the original founding of the nation. It is disturbing but is an important record that should not be ignored.