Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil’s right-wing President-elect, has a policy agenda which appears to come straight out of Donald Trump’s playbook.
A new study of life in Puerto Rico’s Luquillo rainforest says we can add insects to the list of creatures the human race is killing off at an unprecedented rate.
In late October, Ottawa will host representatives of major trading nations from around the world to discuss reforms for the World Trade Organization; China and the U.S. were not invited.
The World Trade Organization's latest forecast projects trade expansion slowing significantly in 2019.
With only hours to spare from a U.S.-set deadline to complete it by September 30, Canada and the U.S. have reached agreement on the core terms for their part of the NAFTA renegotiation.
During his recent speech at the UN, Donald Trump proclaimed the U.S. would not stand for the OPEC oil cartel “ripping off” the world.
The United Nations has launched work on the world's first legally-binding intergovernmental treaty to regulate and secure the "high seas" around the world.
President Mauricio Macri and other officials have been indicted on criminal charges for their role in accepting a US $50 billion standby loan from the International Monetary Fund, without authorization from Congress.
A just-published report says there is over $26 trillion in economic benefits out there in the Green Economy if countries would just go out and grab it.
Mexico and the US reached may have reached agreement on a renegotiated NAFTA, but Canada and the US ended the week missing Trump’s self-imposed deadline of August 31.
Urban children who came to a remote Venezuelan jungle village for 16 days came out a lot healthier than they went in.
Costa Rica’s Chief Prosecutor Emilia Navas filed criminal charges against her country’s former President for breach of duty in allowing a Canadian gold mine to operate without appropriate environmental review.
The US recently disclosed that it has an active ‘Fake News’ campaign in operation in Cuba using false Facebook and YouTube accounts to destabilize the country.
Cuba is changing its constitution and for the first time allowing private property ownership. Small farmers, who many felt would celebrate the move, say it won’t mean much without bigger reforms in state-managed agribusiness.
The world is heating up faster than most realize and we may have already run out of time to save the planet.
A radically different kind of administration is coming into power in Mexico, with radically different ideas to solve the nation's long-standing challenges.
A new university study suggests offshore tax havens may be a way for companies to hide their dirty funding of environmentally hazardous investments around the world.
As dictatorial regimes fall apart from Central to Latin America, the Caribbean is now finding itself victim to some of the same dangerous open ocean pirating similar to what’s been happening off the coast of Somalia down to the Horn of Africa for years.
China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC) and China Communications Construction Co. Ltd. (CCCC) were just awarded a contract – as a team -- to build a fourth bridge over the Panama Canal.
Donald Trump said on July 20 he was ready to impose tariffs on all $500 billion worth of goods imported from China. When that happens, the tariffs Trump imposed claiming they were a matter of national security will become national security issues for real.
Our planet continues to heat up and experience record setting high temperatures, just as it has noticeably done for much of the last few decades. Yet, only 73% can accept the fact that our planet is getting hotter, according to the National Surveys on Energy and the Environment.
The U.S. Chamber of Commerce just launched a major campaign to overturn Trump’s reckless tariff policy. They also have one thing working for them that Trump does not: facts that back up their case.