Six Israelis have been arrested by Colombian police for running a Jewish child sex abuse operation.
After a public plea by the UN Secretary General at the COP24 climate change talks in Poland on December 12, the European Union and a group of developing countries signed on to do something far more serious about reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
Valdivia, Chile’s support of the Boycott, Divest and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel was just overturned after threats by Israel.
With 164 countries having finally agreed on a much-needed common set of policies for dealing with global migration, why is there such unease about this pact’s final form?
Public pressure has finally forced the Vatican to begin a formal investigation into the sexual abuse at the Institute of the Good Samaritan in Chile, after long supporting and concealing the abuse.
America's 41st President, George H.W. Bush, was responsible for the death of hundreds of thousands of innocent people. One of them was 25 year old Ronni Moffitt.
In a chilling opening keynote address to the nations attending this year’s UN Climate Summit in Poland, David Attenborough demanded urgent action now, because the “Collapse of our civilizations and extinction of much of the natural world is on the horizon.”
The current heads of state for the US, Canada, and Mexico may have signed off on the draft USMCA agreement at the G20 summit, but that’s a far cry from saying the three countries’ legislatures are going to approve it.
Buses Vule and STP Santiago have signed contracts with Zhengzhou Yutong Bus Company of China to deliver 100 full electric buses for use with the Santiago public transportation system.
On November 27, Alejandro Andrade Cedeno, the former National Treasurer of Venezuela and now resident of the well-to-do community of Wellington, Florida, was sentenced to 10 years in prison. He has admitted to taking over $90 million dollars in bribes for an elaborate bribery and currency-exchange scheme.
In a surprising move, the U.S. DEA has arrested Juan Antonio Hernandez Alvarado for drug trafficking, weapons charges, and making false statements to federal agents.
According to a filing on November 19 in criminal court in Manhattan, the French bank Societe Generale has been fined for violations of the 100-year-old Trading With the Enemy Act.
Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil’s right-wing President-elect, has a policy agenda which appears to come straight out of Donald Trump’s playbook.
A new study of life in Puerto Rico’s Luquillo rainforest says we can add insects to the list of creatures the human race is killing off at an unprecedented rate.
In late October, Ottawa will host representatives of major trading nations from around the world to discuss reforms for the World Trade Organization; China and the U.S. were not invited.
The World Trade Organization's latest forecast projects trade expansion slowing significantly in 2019.
With only hours to spare from a U.S.-set deadline to complete it by September 30, Canada and the U.S. have reached agreement on the core terms for their part of the NAFTA renegotiation.
During his recent speech at the UN, Donald Trump proclaimed the U.S. would not stand for the OPEC oil cartel “ripping off” the world.
The United Nations has launched work on the world's first legally-binding intergovernmental treaty to regulate and secure the "high seas" around the world.
President Mauricio Macri and other officials have been indicted on criminal charges for their role in accepting a US $50 billion standby loan from the International Monetary Fund, without authorization from Congress.
A just-published report says there is over $26 trillion in economic benefits out there in the Green Economy if countries would just go out and grab it.
Mexico and the US reached may have reached agreement on a renegotiated NAFTA, but Canada and the US ended the week missing Trump’s self-imposed deadline of August 31.