The New Development Bank (NDB) of the BRICS group will open this year the Regional Office of the Americas in Brazil to progressively support the growing variety of operations of the bank in the country.
When Venezuela launched its Petro cryptocurrency formally in March, it did not take long for the U.S. to block U.S. companies and individuals from having anything to do with it. A Russian bank may have just come to its rescue.
What if there was no shortage of money and everyone had at least enough to satisfy all of their basic needs while still performing a useful role in society?
La Dirección de Contrainteligencia Militar arrestó por sorpresa a 11 ejecutivos del Banesco, principal banco privado de Venezuela, acusado de favorecer “por acción u omisión” una red de transacciones cambiarias ilegales. El banco será intervenido por el Estado por un periodo de 90 días.
In a surprise, the Military Counterintelligence Directorate arrested executives of Banesco, Venezuela's main private bank, on allegation of favoring "by action or omission" a network of illegal exchange transactions. The bank will be taken over by the bank for a period of 90 days.
The central bank of Argentina continues to raise its interest rates to keep hyperinflation from destroying the country. It is the third raise this week.
With U.S. President Trump’s decision on recertification of the Iran nuclear non-proliferation agreement only weeks away, Iran’s central bank has banned cryptocurrencies from all transactions. The country fears charges of crypto money-laundering could give Trump yet another excuse to reinstate sanctions.
As more teachers strike for increased school funding and tax-payers resist higher taxes to pay for it, there is a solution at hand.
George Soros and other major fund managers had been complaining that the volatility of cryptocurrencies makes them a bad investment. Now they are entering the market in a big way themselves.
The Association of Financial and Technological Companies of Chile (FinTech) asked the authorities and banks not to continue closing bank accounts of businesses that operate with cryptocurrencies, and invited a dialogue so that the regulations are based on knowledge of the product.
President Donald Trump signed this week an executive order that prohibits transactions in the United States with the Petro cryptocurrency that has just been launched by the Venezuelan government.
While the cryptocurrency market has generally responded positively on the G-20's recent meeting, the outcome from the meeting is clear—regulation is coming in many countries.
Working capital is the block of money your business has on hand to deal with all day-to-day operations. If you don’t have enough working capital, your company can’t grow or is at risk from unexpected cash flow events.
The Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) has issued a warning against online trading platforms for digital assets (cryptocurrency exchanges).
In a decision announced earlier this month, the Bank of Namibia said it officially does not recognize cryptocurrencies as legal tender.
No, the headline above is not a misprint. We really are creating digital currencies with a value of 2 trillion dollars. Read on to find out how, why and what it means for you.
Secure messaging app provider Telegram just announced an audacious plan to develop a very different kind of cryptocurrency and raise $1 billion in the process.
The Marshall Islands government passed a law this week creating the digital cryptocurrency “Sovereign”, or SOV, as its legal tender. It will be accepted on an equal basis with the U.S. dollar.
The formerly all-powerful U.S. dollar just took another punch on the world stage. This time it came from Iran, which announced that it would no longer allow merchant purchase orders for imports priced in the American currency.
Venezuela began a pre-sale of its ‘petro’ cryptocurrency on February 20. It’s the first cryptocurrency issued by a national government. It is also supposedly backed by oil to ensure its value.
The government of China recently approved the Philippines’ first Panda Bond offering. It is important by itself and even more important as a symbol of what is happening in the region as a world financial power.
Thanks to the American Bar Association, cryptocurrencies now have a proposed uniform law for how to handle regulatory issues for us states.