Two countries forced the first-ever blockage of a joint communique' following meetings this weekend by member economies of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation organization.
The Code for Smart Communities was just released jointly by the Smart Cities Council and Green Building Council of Australia, as a new set of standards to guarantee smart cities are built to be sustainable and properly support multiple modern needs for citizens.
A Federal Court judge has ruled that Guam can sue the U.S. Government for its share in creating a massive toxic landfill site on the island.
In late October, Ottawa will host representatives of major trading nations from around the world to discuss reforms for the World Trade Organization; China and the U.S. were not invited.
While Russia and China conducted joint war games in another region, Japan began extended military drills in the contested South China Sea.
Super typhoon Mangkhut, projected to hit the Philippines by the morning of September 15 as a Category 5 hurricane with maximum sustained winds of 167 mph, will be the strongest storm to hit the Philippines this year and even bigger than 2013’s Super Typhoon Haiyan, which killed over 6,000.
The United Nations has launched work on the world's first legally-binding intergovernmental treaty to regulate and secure the "high seas" around the world.
The U.S. Internal Revenue Service and central tax authorities from the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and the Netherlands have come together to minimize how much cryptocurrencies are being used commit crimes and evade taxes.
A variant of the deadly MRSA bacteria has rapidly evolved into what is potentially one of the most dangerous superbugs on the planet.
The trade war between the US and China has pushed two former foes closer than ever, in a major regional partnership which could dominate world trade for decades to come.
19 mayors from Paris, France to Portland, Oregon just signed a pledge to guarantee all buildings in their cities will operate at net-zero carbon by 2050.
The World Bank just launched an $80 million worldwide R&D experiment that could change forever the way money is managed.
The world is heating up faster than most realize and we may have already run out of time to save the planet.
Our planet continues to heat up and experience record setting high temperatures, just as it has noticeably done for much of the last few decades. Yet, only 73% can accept the fact that our planet is getting hotter, according to the National Surveys on Energy and the Environment.
Australian EV charging specialist Tritium has been chosen by the NRMA as the supplier for a new $10 million electric vehicle charger network roll out, currently under way in New South Wales and the ACT.
While other automakers look to investments or acquisitions in disruptive technology, Toyota Motor Corp. just announced it is putting $1 billion into SE Asian ride-sharing company Grab Taxi Holdings Pte. Ltd. It could be a turning point for the whole industry.
Near the end of May, ten families and a youth group sued the European Parliament. The grounds: the EU has failed its obligation to protect them all from rising greenhouse gas emissions and global warming.
On April 23rd, CO2 levels at the Mauna Loa observatory in Hawaii hit the highest average daily level so far for 2018 at 412.37 ppm, with a peak hourly level above 413 ppm.
The first meeting of the G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors in 2018 begins March 19. It will set the agenda for the main meeting for heads of state later this year, and how economic issues will be sorted out between them as 2018 unfolds more fully.
A series of financial transparency measures just approved in the European Union could help curb many of the current tax avoidance games that rob all of billions of dollars worldwide.
Tesla will soon begin construction on what is about to be the biggest virtual power plant in the world.
The Marshall Islands government passed a law this week creating the digital cryptocurrency “Sovereign”, or SOV, as its legal tender. It will be accepted on an equal basis with the U.S. dollar.