On December 11, a U.S. Circuit Court in Richmond, Virginia heard what could have been an important case about Islamic influence and its growth in U.S. schools.
Public pressure has finally forced the Vatican to begin a formal investigation into the sexual abuse at the Institute of the Good Samaritan in Chile, after long supporting and concealing the abuse.
After over two centuries of allowing the consumption of dog corpses, the South Korean government is finally considering formal anti-dog-farming legislation to ban it forever.
One of Washington, D.C.’s most prominent training grounds for diplomats and influence peddling just received $20 million from a Saudi prince, to further the spread of Islam and Saudi power into the core of America.
William Blum, one of the most recognized and respected critics of United States foreign policy for over 50 years – and creator/blogger of the Anti-Empire Report at https://williamblum.org/, recently suffered a serious fall on top of illness related to kidney failure.
After unanimous approval by the legislature of the nominations from recently-elected Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, half the positions in Ethiopia’s new cabinet are women now.
A U.S. student planning to study at Israel’s Hebrew University has been held in detention since October 2 for supporting basic human rights.
The Nunn-Lugar Central Public Health Research Laboratory (CPHRL) continues to be a source for Russian conspiracy theories designed to create fear of the U.S. and a secret bio-weapons program on Russia's doorstep.
A mother alleges the City of Beaumont, California, illegally strip-searched her minor daughter and recorded a video of the search, all without being charged and with no other legal justification for it.
In case you haven't noticed, men are under attack for being masculine and the onslaught shows no sign of letting up.
A message from United South and Eastern Tribes (USET) and the USET Sovereignty Protection Fund President, Kirk E. Francis Sr., Penobscot Indian Nation Chief, July 4th 2018
Just in case you need a reminder...
A moving message from Dr. Chance T. Eaton on the meaning of both life and death, at the time of the passing of Elner Donald Eaton in early June.
It's graduation season and we wanted to share with you some of the thoughts on that from our contributing organizational development consultant, Dr. Chance Eaton.
Israel's track record of crimes against children goes back to the original founding of the nation. It is disturbing but is an important record that should not be ignored.
With legal marijuana showing up across more and more states in the United States, so, too, are the complications from taking too much of it. Our article by contributor Robert A. Nelson suggests a number of ways to help with the less serious of those complications based on a thorough review of the literature so far.
On February 14, a mass killing happened in a school in Parkland, Florida. Just one month later on March 14, one million students walked out of class to demand gun control and protest the hideousness of such violence.
If you want to use magnet links in Firefox to download bit torrent files you will need to do some configuration.
Posicionado entre los países menos corruptos de América Latina, con importantes reservas de oro, un programa de desarrollo turístico altamente exitoso y un sistema de salud ampliamente reconocido que incluye la presencia de más de 50,000 médicos cubanos en 66 países, Cuba es un país infravalorado para muchos en términos de su potencial actual y futuro.
Positioned among the least corrupt countries in Latin America, with substantial gold reserves, a highly successful tourism development program, and a widely heralded medical program including the presence of over 50,000 Cuban doctors in 66 countries, Cuba is an underrated country to many in terms of its current and future potential.
Investigative reporter William Blum's words of wisdom on the topic of fake news.
Ever since Day One of the Automobile Age, engineers have been tinkering with the infernal combustion engine and its fuel to get more horsepower per pound and more miles per gallon. Fortunately for us, it is easier than many may think to do something about that.