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E.R. Zeiler Excavating Low Bidder on Ohio Air National Guard Base 180th Fighter Wing Private Water Service *REBID* in OH at $64,070.00 USD

Susquehanna Valley Construction Corporation Low Bidder on SR 3008 over Tb Towanda Creek Flood Repair 2018 in PA at $485,854.00 USD

Heredia Cabling Solutions Low Bidder on Jacobson Middle School Sixth Grade Classroom Building - Bid Package #04 Electrical and #05, Low Voltage, Audio/Visual *Re-bid* in CA at $75,625.00 USD

Centimark Corporation Low Bidder on Roof Restoration For Fire Station 13 *Re-bid* in OH at $56,745.00 USD

Pacific Sitework Low Bidder on Pleasant Bay Apartments Line Replacement Project in WA at $349,151.00 USD

Applied Computer Solutions, Inc. (ACS) Low Bidder on NetApp Storage Equipment in CA at $283,061.81 USD

Generali Life Assurance Philippines, Inc Low Bidder on Group LES Life Insurane Coverage in INT at ₱300,330.84 PHP

PVS Chemical Solutions, Inc. Low Bidder on Sodium Bisulfite - WWTP in OH at $20,540.00 USD

Underground Utility Supply Low Bidder on Hunt County/Shady Grove SUD - 2018 TxCDBG STEP Grant Waterline Improvement - Materials in TX at $103,325.79 USD

Marucci & Gaffney Inc. Low Bidder on G-132 Dam and Spillway Temporary Concrete Repairs in OH at $43,000.00 USD

Schneider Equipment & Drilling Co. Low Bidder on Drill, Develop, and Pump Test 24-Inch Test Well in WA at $695,462.60 USD

Coyote Ridge Construction, LLC Low Bidder on RFP - CR31/14.5 Waterline Extension Project in CO at $365,962.50 USD

Mago Construction Company Low Bidder on 182379 - Frankfort Road (US 127) in KY at $556,545.66 USD

Mago Construction Company Low Bidder on 182384 - New Hope Road (ky 159) (mp 10.540) Begin At Ky 10 Extending North in KY at $152,927.43 USD

George B Stone Co Low Bidder on 181045 - I-71 Installation of High Tension Cable Median Barrier On I-71 in KY at $1,020,984.75 USD

Mac Construction & Excavating Low Bidder on 184114 - Mt Washington Road (ky 44) (mp 0.000) From the Bullitt/spencer County Line in KY at $1,759,966.00 USD

Haydon Materials, LLC Low Bidder on 181047 - Heartland Parkway(KY-55) Heartland Parkway Improvements in KY at $2,934,244.38 USD

Kay & Kay Contracting, LLC Low Bidder on 181226 - Lonesome Road (CR 1136) (MP 0.175) Replace Bridge On Cr 1136 Over Little South Fork River in KY at $600,295.00 USD

Kuugaq Cafe Low Bidder on Venue & Catering Services *AWARDED* in NU at $9,900.00 CAD

T. Gray Utility & Rehab Co., LLC Low Bidder on Lift Station No. 1 Rehabilitation in TX at $126,750.00 USD

Applied Landscape Technologies, Inc. Low Bidder on Kennedy Park Improvements in NJ at $1,530,032.00 USD

Zuccaro Inc. Low Bidder on Kennedy Drive Fire House Improvements in NJ at $168,700.00 USD

American Asphalt & Milling Services LLC Low Bidder on 2017 CDBG Improvements to Various Roads in NJ at $330,124.10 USD

Fiscus Trucking and Excavating Low Bidder on Demolition and Site Restoration of 3798 River Rd in OH at $15,740.00 USD

Fiscus Trucking and Excavating Low Bidder on Demolition and Site Restoration of 4139 & 4500 Eastern in OH at $32,941.00 USD

T-and-S Construction LLC Low Bidder on CDBG Home Rehabilitation Program - 2519 Gallagher in MI at $33,050.00 USD

T. Gray Utility & Rehab Co., LLC Low Bidder on Wastewater Treatment Plant Lift Station and Force Main Rehabilitation in TX at $356,200.00 USD

Lopez Utilities Contractor, LLC. / LUC Low Bidder on MHRMUD Sanitary Sewer Rehab in TX at $421,591.00 USD

Bay Utilities, LLC Low Bidder on WS&D to Serve Cypresswood Point Section 9 in TX at $547,696.00 USD

Hardee Civil Services, LLC Low Bidder on IFB - Speed Humps for Horry County Roads in SC at $89,258.00 USD

Tiger Direct / PCM Low Bidder on Provision of 1 Year Maintenance for Opsbridge in Ont at $1,060,971.72 CAD

Hawkins Contacting Services Limited Low Bidder on RFT - Streetscape Furniture Replacement in Ont at $197,666.24 CAD

Oakridge Landscape Contractors Low Bidder on RFT- Tender for AM Cunningham Parkette in Ont at $255,566.00 CAD

Faber Construction Low Bidder on Lake Padden Lift Stations in WA at $474,440.76 USD

JC Commercial Low Bidder on Computer Deployment Services in TX at $4,110,777.00 USD

Phillips Recoveries, Inc. Low Bidder on Asbestos Abatement & Demolition Services in SC at $116,800.00 USD

Big Street Construction Low Bidder on After-hours Call-out Services for Facilities Maintenance Division in AK at $480.00 USD

RAM Construction Low Bidder on Operations Yard Retrofit Phase 2 in WA at $1,303,466.15 USD

Diamond Contractors LLC Low Bidder on Crescent Rim Roundabout Rehabilitation in ID at $17,675.00 USD

Engineers Construction, Inc. (ECI) Low Bidder on Pittsford VTRY (11) & Proctor VTRY (10) in VT at $2,127,912.00 USD

JMEC Construction, LLC Low Bidder on Demolition Services in SC at $2,975.00 USD

Lehman Construction, LLC. Low Bidder on J7P3376, 181116-G05- Demolition of Structures in MO at $156,984.10 USD

Thomas Brothers Construction Low Bidder on Replacement of a Collapsed 42" Corrugated Metal Pipe in TN at $1,111,725.50 USD

Twin K Construction, Inc Low Bidder on CNS370 , 001 - Construction of a Truck Climbing Lane in TN at $9,499,999.01 USD

Cazador Construction Low Bidder on John Mclaren Park Playground and Group Picnic Area Renovation in CA at $1,419,724.00 USD

Dondlinger & Sons Construction Co., Inc. Low Bidder on Stormwater #728 Conduit Remove and Replace Stormwater Sewer Repairs in KS at $179,441.00 USD

Alpenglow Construction Services Inc. Low Bidder on Center Work Center Addition in WA at $375,000.00 USD

SR Weidema, Inc. Low Bidder on 189th Avenue Street Reconstruction and Utility Extension Project in MN at $445,655.50 USD

WEKA, Inc. Low Bidder on Regional Agricultural Pipeline Conversion in CA at $1,038,549.00 USD

Phillips Hardy Inc. Low Bidder on 181116-D09 - Route 124 Boone County. Bridge Replacement Over Grindstone Creek in MO at $1,089,712.85 USD

Granite Ledge Electrical Contractors, Inc. Low Bidder on 6216-136, 180176 - Traffic Control Signal System and ADA Improvements in MN at $386,480.39 USD

Kraemer North America, LLC Low Bidder on 2774-23 - Grading, Concrete Surfacing, Concrete Pavement Rehabilitation, Bituminous Surfacing, Bituminous Milling, ADA Improvements, Signals, Lighting in MN at $3,914,835.82 USD

Knife River Materials, Inc. Low Bidder on 0411-17, 180168 - Grading, Bituminous Milling, Bituminous Reclamation, Bituminous Pavement, ADA Improvements & Revise Automatic Traffic Recorder in MN at $4,925,193.43 USD

Valley Paving, Inc. Low Bidder on 7002-47, 180172 - Grading, Bituminous Mill & Overlay, Concrete Pavement Rehabilitation and ADA Improvements in MN at $4,813,783.08 USD

Meyer Contracting, Inc. Low Bidder on 6205-39, 180170 - Grading, Bituminous and Concrete Surfacing, Noise Walls, Lighting in MN at $4,688,610.36 USD

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