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Skeleton Key Management, LLC Low Bidder on Sports, Promotional, Outdoor, Recreation Trophies and Signs (SPORTS) *Awarded* in PA at $475,000.00 USD

McClure and Sons Low Bidder on Wastewater Pump Station No. 3 Rehabilitation in WA at $3,694,894.50 USD

R L Reimers Co Low Bidder on Marylhurst Pump Station (PS-2) in OR at $1,128,655.00 USD

Tapani Inc. Low Bidder on US26 (Powell Boulevard): Southeast 122nd Avenue - Southeast 136th Avenue section of Mt. Hood Highway in OR at $11,820,000.00 USD

Tricon General Construction Low Bidder on Finkbine Golf Club House - and Support Facility - Construct New Building *RE-BID* in IA at $7,876,000.00 USD

Top End Constructors, Inc. Low Bidder on Performing Arts Center *REBID* in CA at $222,800.00 USD

Beam's Contracting, Inc. Low Bidder on Flowing Wells Road Widening - *Rebid in GA at $5,483,279.80 USD

Earthwork Enterprises, Inc. Low Bidder on AC Water Main Replacement, 2018 Phase 2 in WA at $630,461.70 USD

C.A. Carey Corporation Low Bidder on SR 181, SR 516 to West James Street Paving and ADA Compliance in WA at $1,460,362.20 USD

Granite Construction Low Bidder on SR 536, Skagit River To I-5 Paving and ADA Compliance in WA at $7,201,723.00 USD

J7 Contractors, Inc. Low Bidder on Neutralized Brine Waste Conveyance System in WA at $456,357.66 USD

Cedar Mill Construction Company LLC Low Bidder on Labor and Industries Third Floor Tenant Improvement in OR at $152,900.00 USD

Specialized Pavement Marking, Inc. Low Bidder on 2019 NCR Centerline Rumble Strips in WA at $316,411.00 USD

Collaborative Construction Solutions, LLC Low Bidder on Confederated Tribes of Coos, Lower Umpqua, and Suislaw Indians Community Center in OR at $525,000.00 USD

Bricon, Inc Low Bidder on River Mile 37 Greenbelt Repairs in ID at $8,206.25 USD

Alex Hodge Construction Inc. Low Bidder on Mt. Washington Drive - Shevlin Park Roundabout, No. ST19RA-1 in OR at $824,073.00 USD

Scarsella Bros. Inc. Low Bidder on AOA Perimeter Fence Line Standards Compliance in WA at $3,995,909.00 USD

Blew's Construction, Inc. Low Bidder on Administration Office Tenant Improvement in WA at $813,900.00 USD

ABC Construction Contracting, Inc. Low Bidder on Various Schools/Boros-Asbestos/Lead/Mold/PCB Abatement *REBID* in NY at $4,095,805.00 USD

RCR Services Inc Low Bidder on Southerly WWTC Ref Improvements Project "Re-Bid" in OH at $1,093,406.24 USD

American Technologies Low Bidder on Fire Damage Unit Replacement at 107 B Lawn St - *Re-Bid* in MA at $63,042.53 USD

Admiralty Construction Inc Low Bidder on Douglas Highway Water Main Replacement - *RE-BID* in AK at $1,941,090.00 USD

Lind-Exco, Inc. Low Bidder on RFB - Fulton Street Reconstruction in SD at $2,365,758.81 USD

Underground Construction Llc Low Bidder on RFB - 7th St. Water Extension St. Cloud to Franklin St. /St. James Sanitary Sewer Mt. Rushmore Rd. to 9th St. in SD at $243,891.75 USD

SR Mechanical, Inc. Low Bidder on Kendell Building Chiller Replacement in UT at $107,400.00 USD

Crostex Construction Inc Low Bidder on Construction of the Water Sanitary Sewer, & Drainage Facilities to Serve Rose Meadow Farms Section 1 in TX at $840,500.00 USD

Watson Well Drilling Low Bidder on LCDBG Water System Improvements - Pioneer / Darnell Water System in LA at $387,100.00 USD

Black Castle General Contractor Low Bidder on Construction of Lift Station No. 4 in TX at $510,384.00 USD

Cleary Construction Inc Low Bidder on 76418 - Spy Run Interceptor Relief - St. Joe River Crossing in IN at $2,197,460.00 USD

Associated Underwater Services, Inc. Low Bidder on Buoy Maintenance, Repair, Placement & Replacement - Work Order in WA at $34,080.84 USD

K & E Excavating, Inc. Low Bidder on Boone Road Water Pump Station Upgrades in OR at $3,221,450.00 USD

B & B Electric, Inc. Low Bidder on Northern Region Automated Vehicle Classifier Upgrades & Construction in AK at $1,456,695.00 USD

Hydro-Temp Mechanical, Inc. Low Bidder on Multnomah Building - South Cooling Tower Replacement in OR at $274,300.00 USD

D Construction Low Bidder on THA - 4433 - I-57 Median North of I-294, Ramp L in IL at $18,753,146.12 USD

Pease Construction, Inc. Low Bidder on Health & Wellness Center Renovation & Addition in WA at $10,358,000.00 USD

Road Construction Northwest, Inc. Low Bidder on 2018 Neighborhood Safety Projects in WA at $329,815.00 USD

A&R Solar Low Bidder on Arlington Microgrid Solary Array in WA at $866,970.00 USD

Pacific Pile & Marine Low Bidder on Riley Slough Bridge No. 155 Replacement in WA at $3,656,000.00 USD

King Painting, Inc. Low Bidder on Kelly Elementary School Window Replacement in MA at $17,900.00 USD

Cooper Construction Services LLC Low Bidder on On-call Concrete Construction & Repair At Various Locations Throughout Henderson, Polk, and Transylvania Counties *REBID* in NC at $414,450.00 USD

Bluemel's maintenance Low Bidder on Weigent Park Play Equipment Replacement *RE-BID* in WI at $156,950.00 USD

P A Landers Inc Low Bidder on Intersection Improvements and Related Work at Washington (Route 138) and Union Streets in MA at $1,685,464.00 USD

Strider Construction Co. Low Bidder on Lift Station Improvements - *REBID* in WA at $1,219,765.65 USD

Postma Heating & Cooling Inc. Low Bidder on Tilbury Library Furnace and A/C Replacement in Ont at $6,463.60 CAD

Evans Contractor Low Bidder on Seasonal Mowing Services (Devers Canal System FY2019) in TX at $75,033.90 USD

L & L Cargile Low Bidder on Rossmoor Ridge Force Main Replacement in WA at $423,953.20 USD

R. J. Platten Contracting Company Low Bidder on Lakefront Bikeway/Canal Basin Connectors in OH at $677,178.60 USD

Ceccanti, Inc. Low Bidder on Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium - Asia Forest Santuary Drainage Project in WA at $131,083.96 USD

RED Technologies, LLC Low Bidder on Disposal of Controlled Materials in CT at $224,450.00 USD

Sunroc Corporation Low Bidder on Avimor CID Infrastructure Project No. 5 North McLeod Way and Highway 55 Intersection -*REBID* in ID at $550,000.00 USD

North Point Marine & Industrial, Incorporated Low Bidder on Bridge Window Repair Services in VA at $28,500.00 USD

RKU Distributing Inc Low Bidder on Travel Trailers in CA at $340,000.00 USD

Janke General Contractors, Inc. Low Bidder on CTH H - Middle Ridge, Retaining Wall, CTH G in WI at $349,994.20 USD

Environmental Allies Low Bidder on Wimbledon Falls Detention Pond Rehabilitation in TX at $92,700.00 USD

Alpha Contracting Associates, Inc. Low Bidder on Selective Window Replacement At Laurel Towers 667-3 Elderly Housing Development in MA at $175,760.00 USD

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