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Hooper Corporation Low Bidder on Heating Plant Boiler Relacement in WI at $2,710,000.00 USD

Ch Court Tech Low Bidder on Tennis Court Resurfacing At Kit Carson Park "REBID" in CA at $12,650.00 USD

West Rail Construction Low Bidder on Track Rehabilitation Milepost 0.1 To Milepost 6.0 in WA at $942,916.32 USD

Prime Electric, Inc. Low Bidder on Road Services Division Work Order Contract for Electrical Construction Services in WA at $557,158.00 USD

Fullford Electric Low Bidder on Johansen Expressway Signal Interconnect - Peger To College in AK at $1,870,835.00 USD

Puget Paving & Construction, Inc. Low Bidder on Street Initiative - Package No. 10 in WA at $1,389,287.00 USD

Bergerson Construction Low Bidder on Kalama T-Barge Facility in WA at $1,131,871.00 USD

Interwest Construction, Inc. Low Bidder on Cleveland Avenue Sewer System Replacement and Storm Water Separation in WA at $6,016,496.00 USD

Advantage Steel & Construction LLC Low Bidder on 1726108 - Williamstown I/C Bridge *REBID* in WV at $529,925.00 USD

G&B Construction Low Bidder on Replacement of Sidewalks At the Willow Grove Annex in PA at $28,990.00 USD

McNabb Construction, Inc Low Bidder on Marina Boat Launch Facility Restroom *REBID* in CA at $344,449.00 USD

Marko Construction Group, Inc Low Bidder on Buchanan HS Culinary Arts CTE Classroom Remodel *RE-BID* in CA at $608,000.00 USD

KCK Utility Construction Low Bidder on Trailstone & Caddo Downs Estates, Offsite Water Utility Improvements in TX at $1,644,568.45 USD

Hardy & Harper Low Bidder on Asphalt Seal at Various Sites in CA at $623,580.00 USD

Optimus Construction & Development Inc Low Bidder on Sign Shop Expansion in WA at $631,530.75 USD

Apcon-Tech Inc. Low Bidder on ITB - Kelsey Creek Rabbit Enclosure Modifications in WA at $65,280.00 USD

Realm, Inc. Low Bidder on Collections Manhole Rehabilitation 2018 in WA at $351,149.43 USD

J & J Schlaegel Inc Low Bidder on E. Harding Road Reconstruction in OH at $568,852.52 USD

Bejar Construction, Inc. Low Bidder on Public Restroom Renovation - Interior Renovation and Exterior Improvements in FL at $275,049.00 USD

Department Low Bidder on Bridge Replacement in AZ at $7,051,397.67 USD

Skeleton Key Management, LLC Low Bidder on Sports, Promotional, Outdoor, Recreation Trophies and Signs (SPORTS) *Awarded* in PA at $475,000.00 USD

Greenwood Industries, Inc. Low Bidder on Crafts Street Garage Roof Replacement in MA at $543,000.00 USD

Farline Bridge Low Bidder on Buried Sheet Pile Wall in OR at $483,500.00 USD

Western Pacific Signal, LLC Low Bidder on Gridsmart Traffic Camera and Accessories in CA at $82,432.00 USD

Schier Construction Co. Low Bidder on Construction of Water Plant No. 1 - Phase 2 Expansion in TX at $742,700.00 USD

C E Barkers, Inc. (Ltd) Low Bidder on Construction of the Water Distribution System, Sanitary Sewer Collection System and Drainage Facilities to serve The Woodlands Hills Section 5 in TX at $1,122,966.06 USD

Insituform Technologies Low Bidder on 2019 Wastewater Collection System Rehabilitation in OR at $937,231.00 USD

North Beaver Contracting Low Bidder on Pleasant View Pump Station Elimination Sewer Project in PA at $213,183.00 USD

McClure and Sons Low Bidder on Wastewater Pump Station No. 3 Rehabilitation in WA at $3,694,894.50 USD

Valmont Microflect Low Bidder on Communication tower for Lake Oswego City Hall in OR at $18,255.00 USD

Eubank Excavation LLC Low Bidder on Clearing and Grubbing To Serve Kingfield Development in TX at $135,913.32 USD

Gonzales Construction Enterprise Low Bidder on Willows at Cross Creek Ranch, Section Two Water, Sanitary Sewer, and Storm Sewer Facilities in TX at $391,954.03 USD

R L Reimers Co Low Bidder on Marylhurst Pump Station (PS-2) in OR at $1,128,655.00 USD

Olympic Roofing Ltd. Low Bidder on WSH-CFS-Bldg. 28 Roof Replacement in WA at $733,000.00 USD

Tapani Inc. Low Bidder on US26 (Powell Boulevard): Southeast 122nd Avenue - Southeast 136th Avenue section of Mt. Hood Highway in OR at $11,820,000.00 USD

T Construction LLC Low Bidder on Force Main R/R for Lift Stations in TX at $9,421,898.00 USD

Stip Brothers Excavating Inc Low Bidder on Krings Acres Water Main Replacement - IEPA in IL at $978,624.22 USD

Tricon General Construction Low Bidder on Finkbine Golf Club House - and Support Facility - Construct New Building *RE-BID* in IA at $7,876,000.00 USD

Empire Well Drilling LLC Low Bidder on Water Quality Improvements - New Production Well Drilling, Installation, and Testing *Re-bid* in WA at $58,538.16 USD

Top End Constructors, Inc. Low Bidder on Performing Arts Center *REBID* in CA at $222,800.00 USD

Beam's Contracting, Inc. Low Bidder on Flowing Wells Road Widening - *Rebid in GA at $5,483,279.80 USD

Brenneman Excavating Inc. Low Bidder on Glynwood Road Waterline Replacement Project in OH at $703,955.90 USD

Northern Networks Ltd. Low Bidder on Lenovo Thinkcenter M170*AWARDED* in NU at $58,839.00 CAD

Clearwater Utilities, Inc Low Bidder on Construction of the Water, Sanitary Sewer and Drainage Facilities and Paving and Appurtenances to Serve Pomona Parkway Phase 3 and Sections 13 and 15 in TX at $6,913,995.19 USD

Earthwork Enterprises, Inc. Low Bidder on AC Water Main Replacement, 2018 Phase 2 in WA at $630,461.70 USD

Crostex Construction Inc Low Bidder on Construction of the Phase 1 C & G to Serve Magnolia Ridge in TX at $319,670.00 USD

WW Payton Corporation Low Bidder on Water Well and Plant Facilities, Includes 12" and 16" Water Lines in TX at $2,040,000.00 USD

C.A. Carey Corporation Low Bidder on SR 181, SR 516 to West James Street Paving and ADA Compliance in WA at $1,460,362.20 USD

Granite Construction Low Bidder on SR 536, Skagit River To I-5 Paving and ADA Compliance in WA at $7,201,723.00 USD

Beaty Construction Inc. Low Bidder on New Road and Pedestrian Bridge Construction in IN at $9,085,760.79 USD

ALS environmental Low Bidder on Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) Laboratory Services in NY at $24,972.00 USD

J7 Contractors, Inc. Low Bidder on Neutralized Brine Waste Conveyance System in WA at $456,357.66 USD

S.E. Cline Construction, Inc. Low Bidder on Sunrise Park Boat Ramp Improvements in FL at $960,549.70 USD

Milestone Contractors LP Low Bidder on R-38545-B - Asphalt Resurface in IN at $1,208,731.50 USD

Dave O\'Mara Contractor, Inc. Low Bidder on R-38035-A - Road Reconstruction in IN at $1,959,679.00 USD

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