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B-5 Construction Co., Inc. Low Bidder on Copperfield Wastewater Treatment Plant Onsite Lift Station Rehabilitation - *Rebid in TX at $1,120.03 USD

Phoenix Fabricators and Erectors, Inc Low Bidder on 0.50 MG Elevated Tank Project in TX at $1,600,000.00 USD

R&H Construction Low Bidder on Pilot Butte Middle School - Renovation Buildings B and D in OR at $2,975,500.00 USD

A J Heinen Inc Low Bidder on Downtown Milwaukee Campus (DMC) T Building Fire Protection in WI at $735,615.00 USD

Vector Construction Low Bidder on The Rehabilitation of Hawkinsville Road Over the Black River in NY at $1,256,271.30 USD

Active Construction, Inc. Low Bidder on Westside Highway SW Roadway Repair (south of SW Cove Road) in WA at $389,389.00 USD

Dortch, Figures & Sons Inc Low Bidder on Pedestrian and Bicycle Trail in AL at $539,631.97 USD

Triple C Fabricators, LLC Low Bidder on Eells Springs Feed Storage Building in WA at $354,550.00 USD

LNR Engineering & Construction, Inc. Low Bidder on Second and Orange Streetscape Improvements in CA at $224,850.00 USD

Fence Corp Low Bidder on Fence Construction & Repair in CA at $1,139,946.59 USD

Kankakee Valley Construction Low Bidder on Schuyler Avenue Streetscaping Project in IL at $1,820,404.74 USD

Wells Brothers Construction Low Bidder on IFB - Pump Station Replacements and Force Main Rehabilitation in NC at $5,436,555.11 USD

Vimas Painting Co Low Bidder on S001(482) - I-5: Interstate Bridge (Northbound) Trunnion Shaft Replacement On Pacific Highway in OR at $31,382,069.00 USD

King Painting, Inc. Low Bidder on Kelly Elementary School Window Replacement in MA at $17,900.00 USD

Bolt Construction & Excavating Company Low Bidder on 1893 Water Main Extension / Cutler Ave. & West River Rd. *REBID1* in AL at $579,310.00 USD

Quality Contractors Low Bidder on Food Quality Addition Install New Dairy Equipment *Re-bid* in WA at $598,400.00 USD

Ardent Mills, LLC Low Bidder on Bakery Flour Products for Use in Domestic Food Assistance Programs in DC at $40,500.00 USD

CUMMINS INC Low Bidder on Bus Parts - Misc *AWARDED* in CA at $163.52 USD

Manson Construction Co. Low Bidder on Eagle Harbor Maintenance Facility Gangplank Mast Steel Piles - Small Works Roster in WA at $96,504.00 USD

B-5 Construction Co., Inc. Low Bidder on River Ranch--WWTP, Lift Sta, 12" San Sewer.and 6" F.M. in TX at $2,548,800.00 USD

Petersen Brothers, Inc Low Bidder on Citywide Guardrail in WA at $219,693.00 USD

Tucci & Sons Inc Low Bidder on Milton Rd S Vic to SR 18 - Paving & ADA Compliance in WA at $1,880,808.00 USD

Power City Electric Low Bidder on I-90, Spokane Area Traffic Volume Collection in WA at $539,754.00 USD

Eagle Industrial Painting Low Bidder on SR 20, Deception Pass and Canoe Pass Bridges Painting and Special Repair in WA at $13,998,005.00 USD

Tucci & Sons Inc Low Bidder on SR 18, Eastbound Soosette Creek To Holden Creek Paving and Deck Overlay in WA at $3,593,565.00 USD

Amethyst Construction Inc Low Bidder on Construction of Louberta Street Drainage Improvements in LA at $176,053.00 USD

Westwater Construction Company Low Bidder on 200 Occidental Avenue South Alley Paving in WA at $421,100.00 USD

Donald Maggi, Inc. Low Bidder on ADA Accessibility Improvements in MO at $446,994.50 USD

Chester Bross Construction Company Low Bidder on CA0601- Hwy. 70 -Sevier St. (Widening) (F) in AR at $18,700,000.00 USD

Morris Inc. Low Bidder on Runway 12-30 Reconstruction, Mobridge Municipal Airport (KLJ #10517119) *RE-BID* in SD at $3,910,889.00 USD

ENCAP, Inc. Low Bidder on 2018/19 Woody Invasive Removal Project in IL at $16,650.00 USD

Portland Utilities Construction Low Bidder on Concord Street Gravity Sanitary Sewer Replacement & Rehabilitation in TN at $387,317.19 USD

Vessels Construction Low Bidder on Lift Station Project - US Highway 380 East in TX at $546,557.94 USD

Mountain West Electric, Inc. Low Bidder on Well 16 Power Upgrades in ID at $598,500.00 USD

Watson Asphalt Paving Co. Inc. Low Bidder on 2018 Pavement Program - Patching in WA at $387,204.00 USD

Concrete Placing Co, Inc. Low Bidder on I-84 Karcher Overpass in ID at $4,170,463.00 USD

Northtex Construction LLC Low Bidder on Water Distribution, Wastewater Collection and Storm Water Facilities To Serve Marcello Lakes, Section Two in TX at $588,595.50 USD

Mike McClung Construction Co., Inc. Low Bidder on West Oakland Bay - West Lobe Clean Fill in WA at $648,176.00 USD

Knox Concrete LLC Low Bidder on Sidewalks 2018 in WA at $164,976.00 USD

Rino Construction Low Bidder on Southeast 22nd Street/Southeast 22nd Place Water System Improvements in WA at $835,068.00 USD

C.L. Heilman Company, Inc. Low Bidder on FY19 D1 Bridge Repairs in ID at $1,966,068.00 USD

Northeast Electric Low Bidder on Portable Classrooms Lea Hill 2019 Electrical in WA at $211,000.00 USD

Knife River Corporation - Northwest Low Bidder on Main Street Pedestrian Improvements *AWARDED* in ID at $370,370.00 USD

Western Construction, Inc. Low Bidder on Raft Rv Br EB WB Lanes in ID at $10,712,221.00 USD

Innovative Marking Systems Low Bidder on FY19 D4 Interstate Striping in ID at $362,624.55 USD

Poe Asphalt Paving, Inc. Low Bidder on US-95, Moscow NCL to Viola in ID at $2,320,796.00 USD

Braun-jensen, Inc Low Bidder on SH-11 Greer Bridge Repairs in ID at $1,854,000.00 USD

Prospect Construction Low Bidder on 640 Pressure Zone Booster Station in WA at $2,728,427.90 USD

All-Ways Excavating USA, LLC Low Bidder on General Contracting Services - Primary and Middle School Parking Lots in OR at $1,492,421.00 USD

Nutter Corporation Low Bidder on 32nd Avenue Pump Station Replacement in WA at $528,772.22 USD

Gibraltar Solutions Inc. Low Bidder on Request for Quote - Fortinet Maintenance in Ont at $37,055.36 CAD

Matia Contractors Low Bidder on Esperance Park Improvements in WA at $1,137,203.07 USD

Northtex Construction LLC Low Bidder on Wastewater Collection and Paving To Serve Treviso Gardens Section Four in TX at $1,706,953.38 USD

JHC corporation Low Bidder on Euchee Creek Greenway - Phase I in GA at $1,128,032.00 USD

Clovico, Inc. Low Bidder on Electrical Infrastructure Phase 2 in WA at $2,899,986.00 USD

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